A cyst is a pocket of tissue that contains air, fluid, or other substances. Cysts are quite common, and most are noncancerous or at least benign.

They can develop anywhere under the skin, but they may also grow from deeper inside the body, such as kidneys, breasts, and ovaries.

Because they are not often dangerous, they don’t cause any noticeable pain; people with cysts never realize if they have sac-like pockets.

Most cysts do not require medical attention; even if they stay under your skin, they stop growing after a certain point and never disrupt your system. In rare cases, cysts must be removed with surgery.

Keely Favell of Swansea, Wales, probably had the most curious case of cyst ever recorded in medical history. A cyst began developing in her ovaries in 2014.

An ovarian cyst is typically caused by an ovarian follicle that won’t release its eggs.

Once again, they are not usually harmful and will disappear after about three months without the medical intervention of any sort. For Favell, the cyst never stopped growing, and it baffled her doctor.

10 /10 Pregnancy Test

As her stomach grew more prominent, he took a pregnancy test to determine if she was valid with the child. One pregnancy test after another all came out negative.

Her doctor also insisted Favell must be pregnant despite the test results. When people asked her about the bay due dates, she played along to avoid embarrassment.

Favell herself believed that she was only gaining fat in the abdomen area throughout the time. The tummy just kept on growing, however.


9 /10 Slowly Getting Bigger

Her stomach was very slowly getting bigger by the day. She never knew something strange about her body during the first few months.

Favell couldn’t understand what was happening to her stomach. She was eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, but her size increased.

Before the cyst, she was size 14; as the abdomen grew, Favell had to wear size 22. Despite the embarrassment, she carried on as usual as she could.


8 /10 Weight Gain

Favell admitted to having always been a chunky girl, so gaining a bit more weight wouldn’t be much of a problem.

She had been together with her partner Jamie Gibbins for ten years when her stomach began to grow excessively large.

For a few times, the couple wondered whether they were about to become father and mother, but every test ruled it out.

Following an episode in which she passed out during work, she saw a doctor figure out what went wrong.

7 /10 Stress and Acne Tablets

The first time she went to see the doctor in the summer of 2016, the blood test returned alright. There was nothing wrong. The doctor said she passed out because of stress.

When another episode happened, Favell revisited the doctor. This time, she was told it was most likely due to the side effects of acne tablets, although she had stopped taking them six months earlier.

She asked whether the problem had something to do with her stomach, and the doctor said Favell was pregnant.

6 /10 Another Blood Test

Favell came back to visit the doctor in December 2016 for another blood test, which once again ruled out pregnancy. The doctor was still convinced she was with the child, leading her to an ultrasound scan.

The scan revealed a black screen during the procedure as the radiologist moved the probe over her stomach, and there was nothing on display.

Panic ensued when the radiologist called a consultant. Favell was overwhelmed with fear while waiting for the diagnosis.

5 /10 An Emergency CT Scan

The consultant turned to an emergency CT scan to be sure of Favell’s condition. The real culprit was eventually revealed; she had an ovarian cyst.

Favell was told that she was not fat at all. She looked big because an extensive amount of fluid surrounded the cyst, and it was a 25cm thick pocket inside her belly.

Another examination by high-risk obstetrics in February 2017 was scheduled. When she came to visit the obstetrics, Favell suffered from difficulty breathing. Her only option was surgery.

4 /10 Shocking News

When the news arrived, Favell said she would never forget the look on the consultant’s face. She was told that she had a massive ovarian mass, although the consultant couldn’t be sure how large it was.

He also informed Favell there might be more than a single lump throughout her body and that some could be attached to her organs.

Throughout the time, James did his best to keep his partner calm and help her deal with the situation reasonably.


3 /10 Surgery

In March 2017, the cyst was finally removed. The cyst alone weighed 26kg, or about seven times the average size of a newborn baby. It was as if she was pregnant with an eight-year-old child.

The doctors explained how big the cyst was and gave her some pictures of it. She couldn’t believe that she had been walking with such a massive pocket of fluid for months.

The surgery went well, and it did not lower her chance of having children.


2 /10 Going Home Slim

Favell was home just four days after the surgery. She remembered that the cyst looked like a pile of ice cream, so she called it Mr. Whippy.

She now has some noticeable stretch marks and a large scar, but her overall condition overbalances all those things.

Now she can do many simple things again, like walking up the stairs or driving a car, without much of a struggle. The cyst removal surgery brought back her everyday happy life.


1 /10 Weight Loss

Losing 26kg of weight in just under a week was a fundamental transformation. There have been a few minor issues with the recovery, but it was going better than she could expect.

When she returned home to her family, everyone was shocked by the new-old look. She lost a third of her body weight and had no problem standing up after the surgery.

Favell also felt much better, both physically and mentally, without the clinging Mr. Whippy. 

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