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6 50 Cent

A rapper coming from a criminal background, that’s hardly surprising. Rapper 50 Cent managed to survive a tough childhood in Queens, where his teenage mom sold drugs. She was very good at it, which is why a rival gang had her killed when she was 23.

Her child, Curtis James Jackson III, was only eight at the time. In the following years, he followed the family tradition and started dealing with drugs, too. According to him, he never touched the stuff himself.

As a teenager, 50 Cent was in and out of jail, but as he developed an interest in music, he managed to turn his life around and started a highly-successful career as a rapper in his early 20s.

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5 Rihanna

Popstar Rihanna had a decidedly unglamorous start in life in her native Barbados. Her folks were low, and she helped her father sell clothes at a market stall.

Not that bad, you’d say, but the real problem was that her father was an alcoholic and a drug addict, so the family life was strained, to put it mildly.

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4 Christina Aguilera

For Christina Aguilera, the problem was also with her father. He was in the US Army and traveled a lot, taking his family with him.

He was also an abusive man, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, her parents separated when she was six. However, childhood trauma is a recurring theme in her songs.


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