6 /10 The Donnelly Family

The 13 siblings that make up the Donnelly family hold the Guinness record for being the world’s oldest family.

All 13 of them have made it to their old age, and together they’ve been alive for almost 1100 years. While the oldest is 93, the junior of the clan is 72.

While it is probably in their genes, they claim the secret to a long healthy life is eating their organic food … and a bowl of porridge before bedtime. Good to know!


5 /10 Amy And Katie Jones

Amy and Katie are twins, but Amy is more than three months older than her sister. Yes, you’ve read that well. The fact is Amy was born prematurely; she was four months early and was lucky to survive.

Katie, the other baby, waited patiently in her mother’s womb and was born more than three months later. They hold the Guinness World Record for the most extended interval between twins.


4 /10 Amy Gilbert And Allison Oliverio

Amy and Allison are twins, and, as such, they have a lot in common. Still, no one would have thought they’d get pregnant at the same time and have their babies on the same day.

In 2011, they went into labor simultaneously, and since they both went to the same doctor, the poor guy had to split his time between the two women, running from Amy’s bedside to check on Allison. The babies were born 14 minutes apart.


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