8 Leopard Seal

Just like its feline siblings on land, the leopard seal sits high on the marine food chain. The only animal known to hunt the animal for prey regularly is a killer whale.

While there have been cases of sharks eating leopard seals, they don’t happen that often and are more likely driven by desperation on the sharks’ part.

Attacks on humans are rare, but there is a documented case where a leopard seal dragged and drowned a marine biologist in Antarctica in June 2003.

Leopard seals may be cute, but they’re aggressive and big enough to launch a deadly attack when threatened.

7 Fire Salamander

The rare European fire salamander looks like the smaller real-life amphibian version of the “Toothless” character from the How to Train Your Dragon film series.

Of course, a real salamander has neither wings nor fire-breathing ability despite the name.

Children and adults like fire salamanders because of their two-tone color, dominated by black and sprinkled with either bright yellow or orange accents.

It is generally an ook-but-don’t-touch affair as the venom secreted through the skin can irritate.

When threatened, an adult fire salamander can squirt poison from its eyes; if ingested, then venom can cause respiratory paralysis.


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