Being famous as a child is sometimes a recipe for disaster. Many celebrity kids turn out spoiled brats, an embarrassment for their parents.

Here’s a look at some very famous kids who did not cope well with celebrities. You’ll be appalled by some of the things they did!

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10 /10 Paris Jackson

Many people pitied Michael Jackson’s kids, raised in near-perfect isolation, as their father wanted to protect them from the media.

They emerged from hiding, following their father’s untimely death, and little Paris seemed so sweet and innocent. Well, not anymore.

She’s been involved in many scandals, and at the moment, she describes herself as a recovering addict.

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9 /10 Montana Fishburne

Matrix star Lawrence Fishburne has had nothing but trouble with his daughter Montana. Worried she didn’t have the talent needed to follow in her father’s footsteps, Montana thought she could rise to fame as a porn star.

Her poor father was livid when he heard the news. Though Montana later expressed regret over her rushed decision, that doesn’t mean that she’s found some sense.

On the contrary, she was involved in an assault, and she was arrested for drunk driving, not to mention she also peed in front of the police officers. Terrible child!

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8 /10 Kylie Jenner

Growing up in the limelight is very hard, and overall, Kylie Jenner turned out pretty well. She did make her first billion before turning 18, after all. Nevertheless, the beautiful Kylie has been involved in quite a few scandals.

You might remember her throwing a birthday party for her best friend and using a Handmaid’s Tale theme.

The idea caused an uproar on social media, and Kylie was accused of being tone-deaf for not realizing that the TV series’s subject is no laughing matter.

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7 /10 Weston Cage

Nicolas Cage’s son Weston never made it a secret that he is out to exact revenge on his parents.

What exactly did they do to him, he never said, but Weston seemed determined to embarrass his father anyway he can.

A wannabe rocker, Weston Cage has been described as a very violent man. He’s quick to start a fight with a stranger and even faster to punch the women in his life. Disgusting!

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6 /10 Sean Stewart

Rod Stewart has been very patient with his son, Sean, but the boy somehow always manages to land himself in trouble. He has a quick temper and many small incidents in which he was involved escalated into assaults.

Sean Stewart will stop at nothing when he gets mad – throwing punches or rocks, spitting and kicking, everything goes.

The famous singer says his son was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder as a young boy and has been on medication for most of his life.

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5 /10 Cameron Douglas

Michael Douglas blames himself for the way his son Cameron turned out. Back in 2010, Cameron Douglas was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

He got five years for that, but that did not stop him from smuggling meth in prison. That got him some additional time in jail.

He served two years in solitary confinement, a punishment reserved for dangerous felons. To think that poor Michael was battling throat cancer at the time…

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4 /10 Alexa PenaVega

Being a child star left its toll on Alexa PenaVega. While most people remember her as the cute Cameron Cortez of the hit-movie Spy Kids, Alexa has already starred in 10 films by that time. The pressure and hectic lifestyle caused her to develop an eating disorder.

She battled bulimia for many years, but she’s managed to come out of the woods. And she’s turned into a beautiful young woman.

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3 /10 Abigail Breslin

The former Little Miss Sunshine has morphed into a gorgeous woman, but her life hasn’t been all that sunny. Abigail Breslin has PTSD, a condition she developed after being a sexual assault victim some years ago.

She’s been through hell for a few years after that, an experience that prompted her to become a vocal advocate for rape victims. Thankfully, the worst is now behind her, and she is busy with her acting career.

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2 /10 Chet Hanks

Tom Hanks is undoubtedly one of the most respected figures in Hollywood, and he’s never been involved in any public scandals.

On the other hand, his son Chet has made the news for many disturbing incidents, like threatening Howard Stern or repeatedly using the N-word in his social media posts. Chet also battled drug addiction and had an alcohol problem.

His father has been frequently embarrassed by questions about his son’s erratic behavior, but he always supported him, even during the most challenging times.

As a parent, you love your kids unconditionally,” he once said, pointing out that his son is now drug-free.

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1 /10 Marston Hefner

The late Playboy boss Hugh Hefner was a controversial figure, but his son Marston turned out worse. Being who he was, he grew up surrounded by beautiful women.

Most men can only dream of dating Playboy bunnies, but Marston used his former girlfriend as a punching bag.

Former Playmate Claire Sinclair had to file for a restraining order after Hefner beat the hell out of her.

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