Humanity has always believed in monsters. Monsters helped us explain the things that we couldn’t understand. Things like plagues of diseases, natural disasters, and general luck that we could not control.

Making these problems into bigger-than-life beings removed some of our own everyday lives and put that fear out into the wilderness. We stopped being afraid of our own homes and stayed fearful of leaving them.

Even after science showed the proof behind each monster, people still believed in them out of wild fascination.

They invented new ones, new myths and legends for the New World they settled in. Monsters have become popular again in a new way.

Ghosts, demons, ancient monsters, and the elusive Cryptids are not officially documented or categorized by science.

North America has the highest count of Cryptids, the new monsters of the new era of human history, and the most famous one is Bigfoot.

10 /10 All In The Name

The name Bigfoot gained modern prominence when the phenomena of its everyday existence were first pointed out. In the 50s, loggers in the Pacific Northwest of the United States noticed odd happenings around their camp.

Huge barrels that took multiple men to move would be relocated overnight, and giant footprints were discovered pressed deep into the mud along the river.

More significant than any of the men or anyone nearby. Given that this happened in 1950s America, they stuck with the name “Bigfoot” as the most noticeable characteristic of the supposed vandal.


9 /10 If It Looks Like A Bigfoot...

Since its first sighting as either an upright walking ape or a hair-covered humanoid, Bigfoot has been described consistently.

These legends stretched back to Native American tribes. Many of them had similar stories of a fabled “wild man” that was hairy and strong and indestructible living in the woods.

The other name for it is “Sasquatch,” a mispronunciation of a Native word used to describe the creature.


8 /10 Old Is New Again

There were already established myths of Bigfoot-like creatures across North America, but none of them had any direct connection.

The Native tribes kept their cultures separate and preserved throughout the centuries, yet many of them in the same forested regions had the same tales of forest and hill-dwelling hairy men.

Most of the early sightings in Modern Times started in Oregon and have branched out to equally hilly and forested regions across America and Canada.

7 /10 Those Who Hunt Monsters

The mystery of Bigfoot has captivated would-be hunters for many years. In the same way, people want to take home a trophy of a great bear or wild buck; there is an obsessed hunting culture around obtaining physical evidence of the elusive creature by any means.

Bigfoot Hunters utilize modern technology and sophisticated methods for combing through forests day in and day out for a chance of seeing an animal that, by most accounts, is not accurate.


6 /10 Believing In Bigfoot

Despite the consistent string of hoaxes centered around the creature, many people believe that Bigfoot is confirmed in the same way others may believe in aliens or the Loch Ness Monster.

Even credible scientific researchers hold some contention as to Bigfoot’s status. There are new species of creatures still being discovered across the world to this day.

It’s possible, though slim that there is just enough unexplored American wilderness where Bigfoot could hide for centuries without being found yet.


5 /10 Big Feet, But Not Big Foot

Despite many sightings and even a few “samples,” most evidence that piles up gets disproved over time.

The most common proof is castings of footprints, which can be easily faked with prosthetic appliances.

There are photos, but the modern photoshop utilities available make those hard to stand up.

Even videos – such as the famous Patterson-Gimlin film – have been doubted by some and propped up by others as irrefutable proof that there’s something in the woods we don’t know about. Sometimes it’s a black bear, but one day it could be Bigfoot.

4 /10 All American Ape

Bigfoot isn’t the only mythical primate in the world. The first to gain popularity through rumors was the Abominable Snowman, a repeatedly conjectured ape-like creature native to the high snowy peaks of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

The popularity of this unknown creature, and the sheer difficulty in even attempting to find it in the deadly snow-covered peaks of the world’s highest mountains, was worldwide by the time Bigfoot started to become a sensation back home.

No one doubted that it was a native to the North Americas, though.


3 /10 If It Smells Like A Bigfoot

Bigfoot sightings have come paired with a growing list of traditional behaviors. Bigfoots are usually evasive on sight but have been reported – and recorded – showing open hostilities.

They can stand and walk, and even run, as well as pick up and throw things in aggressive acts of defense. Aside from the big feet, Bigfoots also smell distinctly awful.

This earned them the name “Skunk Ape,” most commonly used in Florida. Both creatures, Sasquatch and Skunks, are exclusive to North America, giving it another fitting name.

2 /10 Ape, Man, Both Or Neither?

If Bigfoot does exist, sure, scientists claim it could be closer to humans than some suspect. The scientific basis of a human-ape hybrid living is a proven one.

Mules live due to interbreeding horses with donkeys, despite both animals having widely different physical traits.

Some research was presented but was soon after peer-reviewed into rejection as the results from secretive samples were never clearly evaluated.

Some think the Sasquatch is a native species or even a naturalized intelligent human group. Others have gone to defend their belief in saying the Sasquatch is Alien in origin or interdimensional. They can’t disprove the supernatural.


1 /10 Believe It Or Not

Whether Bigfoot is real is less important than what the belief in Bigfoot has created. It’s almost religious. People have faith in something they either have not seen or have seen without explanation.

Each sighting is made more believable than the last, but skeptics are quick to point out the perfect coincidences involved in the failure to acquire proper evidence.

Until a whole body is produced, or at least enough of one to draw a conclusion, the monster remains a myth. A beast that warns us of the dangers of the woods but excites us over the promise of discoveries.

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