The weather forecast is sometimes seen as the Cinderella of the news program.

Always the last thing they tell you, and you might be tempted to change channel were it not for the hot girl presenting it.

It’s not an easy job, and the weather girl has to be funny and witty to keep you entertained while she delivers some bad news, like a major snowstorm coming in.

Virtually all weather girls are cute, but some are downright hot.

Let’s have a look at the sexiest weather girls on TV.

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10 /10 Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido has such a bright smile you cannot be mad at her even when she tells you it will be raining all weekend.

What you don’t know about her because the smile on her face is proof of her extraordinary resilience. She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and had a miserable childhood, living with an abusive father.

Jackie moved to Miami and started working in television as a traffic reporter before becoming the loveliest weather girl in Florida.


9 /10 Conchita Craft

Better known as Chita, the sexy blonde is the resident weather girl for KHOU 11 News This Morning in Houston, Texas.

There is always some funny quip to lighten up a rather mundane weather forecast; she is one reason the program has such a large audience.

If she ever tires of this job, Chita Craft could very well move to the sports news. Besides being a certified scuba diver, Chita plays tennis like a pro and loves skiing and even golf. Way to go, girl!


8 /10 Jennifer Delgado

When you look at Jennifer Delgado, you’d say everything’s all sunshine and rainbows, but her life so far has been anything but that.

The Weather Channel meteorologist had to battle brain cancer for a long time, putting her career on hold. She made it, and now she has resumed her job as a weather girl, and she’s more attractive than ever.


7 /10 Bri Winkler

Born in Massachusetts in 1988, Bri Winkler didn’t just happen to get a job as a weather girl. She studied Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami and earned a degree in Environmental Sciences.

At the start of her career, she had to deal with a life-threatening stroke, utterly unexpected in someone so young and healthy. At present, she is the weather girl on ABC7’s Eyewitness News.


6 /10 Lluvia Carrillo

Don’t ask the people of Monterrey about the weather forecast. Most of them cannot take their eyes of Lluiva Carrillo’s plunging neckline to pay attention to what she has to say.

The Mexican journalist is a former model and winner of a beauty pageant in her country, and, no, she wasn’t always a weather girl.

Her first passion is sports, and she used to be the host of Televisa Deportes before moving to Televisa Monterrey.


5 /10 Lissette Gonzalez

Former Miss Florida Lisette Gonzalez is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist working for CBS4 Miami since 2007. With her looks, she could have been anything, and she did try several careers.

According to CBS4, “it’s not every day you get to watch a beauty queen turned off-Broadway star turned recording artist turned TV host turned meteorologist deliver the weekday morning forecast.”

She is also a motivational speaker, visiting local schools to talk to children about the importance of getting an education.


4 /10 Susana Almeida

For the leggy Susana, the weather has no secrets, and she has been presenting the daily forecast to Guadalajara residents for over six years.

She has no secrets either, not after the famous incident when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction that offered viewers a good look at her assets.

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3 /10 Sonya Hill

One look at Sonya Hill and you can immediately tell she’s hot enough to be a model. Indeed, Sonya Hill tried her luck in many beauty pageants, the most notable being the Swimsuit USA International competition, where she made it to the top 10.

Even when the forecast is poor, Texas people are happy to see her and her perfect curves. So a storm’s coming, who cares?

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2 /10 Maria Quiban

Born in the Philippines, Maria moved to the US when she was a child and studied journalism at the University of Hawaii, followed by a meteorology degree.

She’s been in charge of the weather forecast for various channels in the LA area, which isn’t that hard.

At least, the prognosis is usually right in sunny California, so viewers don’t need to remember what the sexy weather girl had to say.


1 /10 Evelyn Taft

There’s something different about KCAL’s weather girl Evelyn Taft, one of the sexiest women on TV.

It’s her typical Slavic beauty she inherited from her parents, both Russian immigrants. Evelyn Taft is more than a weather girl.

he’s worked for the general news before becoming a meteorologist, and she’s traveled around the world.

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