Is beauty written in our genes? Most probably, but when you look at many celebrities’ childhood photos, it seems those genes needed some serious editing.

And the talented hands of a makeup artist. And many hours at the gym. And let’s not even mention plastic surgery. 

Just have a look at these celebrity photos. After becoming famous, that is. God, they were awkward when they were kids!

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10 /10 Jonathan Lipnicki

If you grew up with Stuart Little, this might come as a shock. Remember the shy little boy with glasses? Well, that’s Jonathan Lipnicki, the kid who made his debut in Jerry Maguire, back in 1996.

Now he’s 30 years old, still an actor, and hot. He’s lost the glasses, and he seems to be working out a lot. Well done!

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9 /10 Freddie Highmore

You probably know him as Charlie, the boy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Johnny Depp version, mind you.

He also starred in Finding Neverland, and he was charming, but not much else. A bit dopey, even. Today, he’s made serial killers charming with his role in Bates Motel. I cannot blame you if you secretly root for the psycho! He’s so hot!

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8 /10 Danica McKellar

In her Wonder Years days, Danica McKellar was just your typical teenager dealing with all sorts of problems.

You probably remember her first kiss with co-star Fred Savage, such an emotional moment! She was nice, but, frankly, totally average. Look at her now!

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7 /10 Ariana Grande

Look at little Cat; you know the one, the 15-year old girl from Nickelodeon’s Victorious series. You could see the girl had talent even back then, but she didn’t seem to have it in her to become so… Grande!

The red hair didn’t suit her, and she looked too much like the girl next door. The 27-year old singer is one of the most followed personalities on Instagram, and the photos she posts there speak for themselves.

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6 /10 Michael Angarano

He first appeared on screen at the age of 12 in Music of the Heart, then went on to star in Sky High. By then, he was a very awkward teenager, although he had lovely eyes.

He still has them, but he’s grown into this sweltering guy. No wonder roles keep coming to him. Such a face can be a real audience booster. Yeah, he’s the cute dr. Bertie from The Knick. Where can we schedule an appointment, doctor?

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5 /10 Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure rose to fame with the hit series Full House. The bubbly DJ Tanner was your typical fat chick, nice, but, you know, not much to look at.

That was years ago, and in the meantime, the actress has blossomed into this sexy lady, relatively fit and stylish. She still has the same cute smile, though.

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4 /10 Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner became a star at the age of 10 with Cheaper by the Dozen. You might also remember her as the nerdy little girl from the Disney hit series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Straightforward as can be.

Nobody pined for her back then, but things have changed dramatically. Now 27, Alyson Stoner is a real hottie. Although she still does voice roles for television, she’s moved on to being a singer and exceptionally talented.

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3 /10 Matthew Lewis

He was 12 when he landed a role in the Harry Potter series. An important role, but the boy he got to play was Neville Longbottom, a chubby and clumsy character. He was perfect for the part, as Matthew Lewis was a very awkward preteen at the time.

Just as in the movie Longbottom redeems himself, Matthew Lewis underwent a complete makeover growing up to be one scorching guy. Hotter than Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe!

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2 /10 Jennifer Love Hewitt

No need to say much about Jennifer Love Hewitt. The 41-year old actress ranks high on the most beautiful women in Hollywood list.

You’ve probably seen her on Criminal Minds. Such a criminal body! Jennifer has come a long way from the plain little girl from Disney’s Kids Incorporated. She was ten then and quite the unremarkable little mouse.

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1 /10 Josh Peck

This is probably one of the most amazing transformations of them all. You remember Josh from Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh. Not much to look at.

Sure, he made us laugh, and he was fun, but, thoughtfully, no one sighed over his photos. Peck is 34 now, and he’s lost the chubbiness. And look at those eyes? Aren’t they amazing.

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