Anyone who grew up with Nickelodeon has fond memories of their childhood heroes. The sweet kids or the lanky and often clumsy teenagers whose adventures you’d tune into every week, whatever happened to them?

Well, they grew up, and many of them look fabulous today. See if you can recognize them.

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10 /10 Michelle Trachtenberg

Her tooth-gaped grin was everywhere when she was a kid. Michelle Trachtenberg made TV commercials long before becoming a Nickelodeon star.

She was Nona in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and she was as cute as they come. Michelle Trachtenberg was nine at the time of her Nick debut. Today she is 35 and, my, is she hot!

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9 /10 Josh Peck

American actor Josh Peck debuted Nickelodeon in The Amanda Show, which aired between 2000 and 2002.

His big break came in 2004 when he landed a role in the hit show Drake & Josh, where he played a nerdy teenage struggling with puberty. Today, Peck is a 34-year-old very sexy guy who has lost all the awkwardness of his Nick years.

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8 /10 Raja Fenske

As a kid, he starred in Unfabulous, and he wasn’t indeed fabulous at the time, not to be mean or anything. He was friendly but so cringy sometimes it made your heartbreak.

The spinoff The Best Trip Ever did offer Jake his sweet revenge as he was finally acknowledged by the beautiful Addie, played by Emma Roberts. Raja Fenske is quite the hunk, although he doesn’t do as many movies as his fans would like.

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7 /10 Meagan Good

Nina Jones from the Cousin Skeeter Nick show embodied the teenager struggling with the typical insecurities and body image problems. Well, that was back in 1998.

Meagan Good left all those teenage doubts behind and looking at her today, and she is gorgeous.

The 39-year old actress has an impressive career already and has been nominated for many awards. Unfortunately, there’s no award for Hot, or she would have won it.

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6 /10 Keke Palmer

Back in her Nickelodeon days, Keke Palmer became one of the highest-paid child actors for her role as True from the True Jackson, VP sitcom.

It wasn’t Nickelodeon that made Palmer a star, as she already had a severe portfolio when she landed the role of True in 2008 when she was 15.

The fresh-faced teenager is now a hot young actress. No wonder that she got to play Cinderella on Broadway.

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5 /10 Ariana Grande

When she was Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, Ariana Grande was cute, but you wouldn’t have thought she had it in her to become the superstar she is today.

That was only ten years ago if you can believe it. Between 2013 and 2014, she got to resume her role in the Sam & Cat spinoff, although, by that time, she was more interested in her music career.

Her first album was launched in 2013. Do we even need to say Ariana Grande is one of the hottest singers of today? Probably not.

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4 /10 Robbie Amell

Amell was a Disney kid before Nickelodeon offered him a part in True Jackson, VP. You know him, he was the boy True was pinning for, although he wasn’t yet a heartthrob, but, God, he grew up so hot.

If you want to know how hot, just check out his performance in CW’s The Flash, which ran from 2014 to 2017. He still has those gorgeous eyes.

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3 /10 Jessica Alba

If you grew up in the 1990s, you remember Jessica from the Secret World of Alex Mack. She was cute even back then when she was only 13, you cannot deny that, but nowhere near the hottie she became in her 20s.

Her role in the Nickelodeon show got her noticed in the film industry and helped her get her first significant role as Max in James Cameron’s sci-fi TV series Dark Angel.

From there on, it was all smooth sailing, and Jessica Alba became one of the best-paid actresses in Hollywood. Her blossoming into a beautiful woman certainly helped.


2 /10 Daniel Curtis Lee

Cookie was sweet, in a nerdy sort of way, but still one of the most lovable characters on Nick’s hit show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Later on, Lee left Nickelodeon for Disney, where he appeared in highly successful shows like Zeke & Luther and Good luck Charlie.

The chubby teenager of the early 2000s turned into a striking young man, but, sadly, he spends most of his time running his marketing company rather than making movies. Most recently, he appeared on Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event. Check it out!

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1 /10 Jamie Lynn Spears

Some might think of her as Britney Spears’ younger sister, but for the kids who grew up with Nickelodeon, she will be Zoey forever. Jamie Lynn Spears was 14 when she landed the title role in Zoey 101.

If you remember, her career with Nickelodeon ended rather abruptly when it was announced that the 16-year-old was pregnant.

However, in 2018, she returned to Nickelodeon as a contestant in the Double Dare show, partnering with her daughter. Who knows, maybe the kid will also get to be a Nick star?!

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