8 /10 Chaotic Childhood

The four kids were not spared from chaotic childhood either. Social workers investigated Shamika at least three times for abuse and neglect, including reports of injuries to Relisha and one of her brothers.

In one report, the kids were said to have been spotted in sordidly dirty living space with not enough food. But each time, the allegation was dropped.

According to Shamika, the dropped allegations became proof of her competence and that she did everything she could for the well-being of her children.

7 /10 Peak Population

Relisha and her family ended up living at a homeless shelter. She was at the old DC General Hospital when the facility was at its peak population. She was one of about 600 kids living there.

The homeless shelter was previously DC General Hospital before it was closed in 2001.

Even more, than a decade later, the building still felt much like a hospital; inside some rooms, there were still old medical documents. Families stayed in the old hospital rooms.


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