8 The First Shot

Buford only ever killed two people on the records as a law enforcer. The first was one Louise Hathcock in 1966, who he apprehended in the course of a robbery. She fired first, and he shot to kill. The second was Russ Hamilton in 1968, who was in a drunken fight with his lawyer.

Buford returned fire after Russ shot a gun handle from out of Buford’s pocket. Hamilton was a career criminal with multiple murders over 30 years.

7 The Long Drive

In 1967, while Buford and his wife Pauline were driving, a car pulled up beside them and shot into the vehicle before speeding off.

Buford sustained gunshots through the jaw that required reconstructive surgery, and his wife was killed. He was left for dead and swore on his life, even on the stretcher, that he would find out who did it.


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