8 /10 Mother Knows Best

The 1930s wasn’t a stellar time for women’s rights. Though women successfully campaigned to earn the right to vote as equals to men in the US Constitution, other equalities were not yet afforded, like work opportunities and money-making.

A mother’s place was at home, raising children and taking care of the house. A mother couldn’t just sit with her baby next to an open window to air them out to properly do both.

The Baby Cage was thus marketed to save busy mothers their time, so junior could get fresh air while baking a new pie.

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7 /10 Security Features

The cage functioned as a tiny playpen or crib fixed firmly to the wall by metal bars. In it, a blanket or some other kind of soft padding was put down for the baby to crawl on.

Some cages could also be made of softer material but required a solid bottom to keep the baby from falling through to the street below.

Some mothers turned them into tiny baby nurseries where their children could safely play while getting the air and sun they needed for the day.


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