8 Market Fresh Meat

The result would be human organs growing inside of pigs. Pigs mature faster than humans by an important factor and are much easier to manage.

One full litter of pigs could cover the transplantation of many vital organs, and in the right scenario, all of them would work.

Currently, pig organs are far too different from being accepted into the human body. Our immune systems are designed to shut down anything that is not inherently part of our natural body, to begin with.

7 Once More, With Heart

Although animal organs are too different and complex to be transplanted right now, smaller parts of animals can be used for life-saving procedures.

Cardiologists have included organic components, heart valves from cows and pigs, in their surgeries for years. The organic structure is nearly identical aside from the DNA and can last longer than plastic or synthetics.

As much as we’ve developed in artificial body parts, they never match up exactly to natural biological material’s strength and versatility.


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