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6 Secrets Of The Cell

Creating Chimeras requires very delicate handling of the smallest existing parts of the animal. The embryo of a developing lifeform is inserted with another’s cells, hoping that the developed cells of that one creature will be accepted, and the DNA will be blended to create a mix between the two.

Different species cannot procreate the traditional way, even with the help of science. High tech labs and highly experienced scientists are required to fulfill the process.

5 Stem Cell Miracles

Stem cells are formless cells that can become the same as the cells around them. Since their discovery, stem cells have been offered as a solution to many problems.

They can potentially regrow entire organs within the body, and stem cells are produced naturally by basically all organisms on the planet.

However, harvesting them is very difficult, but they can serve as the bridgework to link two different creatures into one.


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