8 He Liked To Tell People He Was The Best

Duntsch’s strategy for getting patients, despite his unfortunate track record, was to insist on his patients and colleagues that he was the best possible person for any job.

Duntsch had a natural charisma that made his patients believe him — they honestly thought they would be operated on by this excellent doctor.

Duntsch’s carefully calculated internet presence also helped him land patients (or victims). He had a website that painted him as an incredible doctor, complete with professional photos and included reviews (possibly fake) that lauded his skills as a doctor.

7 He Only Completed 100 Surgeries In Residency

Usually, when a doctor is completing their medical school residency, they will often participate in over 100 surgeries to help them gain experience and prepare them to perform their surgeries later.

Duntsch, however, only ended up serving about 100 surgeries under supervision, meaning that he severely lacked the training given to other doctors.

This lack of training would prove to be fatal for many of Duntsch’s eventual patients. After med school, Duntsch would perform 37 surgeries and maim or kill no less than 33 of the 37 patients.


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