Fame is a fickle mistress, as many Hollywood celebrities have discovered by now.

Some fell from grace following rifts with movie producers, but quite a few were victims of their success.

When you identify too much with a character, it’s hard to be believable playing another part.

You’re stuck being the character that made you famous.

Hollywood execs know this and quietly pass on them, which is quite a shame as we’re talking about very talented actors.

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10 /10 Macaulay Culkin

Let’s face it, Macaulay Culkin will always be the cute boy in Home Alone. One of everybody’s favorite Christmas movies to the point that we know every gag and funny line.

However, Culkin’s life after that was anything but humorous. The wonder kid only made a couple of movies after the two Home Alone blockbusters and, then, Hollywood forgot about him.

Sadly, in recent years most of the news about Macaulay Culkin was about his life unraveling, with many of his friends worrying about his physical and mental health.

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9 /10 Nicolas Cage

Remember when Nicolas Cage won an Academy Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas? That was back in 1995. He did a couple of great movies after that, like City of Angels or Face/Off, but not much else.

He’s still pretty active but no longer on Hollywood’s A-list. He hasn’t been cast in a good movie in almost two decades.

Since the actor struggles with financial problems, he’s been forced to accept parts in a barely decent film. He’s still in his 50s, so let’s hope his luck will change.

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8 /10 Eddie Murphy

Such a loss for moviegoers! You’d be hard-pressed to name your favorite Eddie Murphy movie as the actor made so many great comedies, starting with the Beverly Hills Cop series.

That was in the 1980s. The second Dr. Doolittle movie came out in 2001, and that’s about it. Eddy Murphy hasn’t made any great movies since then. Hollywood no longer needs him, although he is such a great comedian.

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7 /10 Katherine Heigl

The 42-year old American actress became noticed for her performance in Grey’s Anatomy, which brought her an Emmy award in 2007.

The same year, she starred in the romantic comedy Knocked Up, which was a great success at the box office.

However, she also earned herself a reputation for being difficult, and you cannot blame big showbiz shots for letting her fade away.

After all, she openly criticized both her part in Grey’s Anatomy and the one in Knocked Up, calling the movie sexist. How about the paychecks? Were those sexist, too?

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6 /10 Mike Myers

One of his generation’s funniest actors, Mike Myers, had a good run on the Saturday Night Live show, then Austin Powers came along.

It was the big break Mike Myers had been waiting for, and he truly deserved it. However, the success of the Austin Powers franchise doomed his chances of a future career in Hollywood.

At present, he’s retired from acting. All he got after Austin Powers were minor roles in a couple of movies.

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5 /10 Kristen Stewart

She was a child star, playing opposite Jodie Foster in Panic Room at 12, but her real fame came with the Twilight series.

The role of Bella Swan brought her international recognition, but when the series ended in 2012, Hollywood forgot about her.

All the parts she could get were in low-budget independent movies. However, it seems that Hollywood execs haven’t given up on the young actress yet.

It’s been a few years; there’s a new generation out there, one that did not grow up with Twilight. In 2019, Stewart got a leading role in Charlie’s Angels, and she’s set to star in a movie about Princess Diana. Maybe there’s still time to leave Bella Swan behind after all.

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4 /10 John Travolta

It’s been more than 40 years since John Travolta won international acclaim for Grease. He was hot and talented, and this propelled him to stardom.

The greatest movies of his career were all in the 1980-1990s. Should we even mention Look Who’s Talking (1989) or Pulp Fiction (1994)?

His career pretty much ended with the 20th century, and in the past two decades, all the movies he got to make were crap. He even got a few Razzies for them.

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3 /10 Adam Sandler

Another funny man who seems destined to an unfortunate career, if you can call it that. The Sandler from the Happy Gilmore (1996) or The Wedding Singer (1998) is long gone.

He made a ton of money but also got it into his head he’s smart enough to write his movies, like Jack and Jill (2011), you know, who fell down the hill and flopped at the box office. No wonder Hollywood got bored with his antics!

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2 /10 Taylor Lautner

Such a hot guy; it’s a pity Taylor Lautner got sidetracked after his major success in the Twilight saga.

In 2010 he was second on Glamour magazine Sexiest Men Alive list and the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood, and then, boom, his career ended in a couple of major flops. To think he’s barely 28!

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1 /10 Brendan Fraser

The talented actor is best known for Rick’s role in The Mummy franchise, which earned him fame and fortune. That was over a decade ago.

The last Mummy movie came out in 2008, after which Hollywood discarded Brendan Fraser. Luckily, he got a got part on TV in Showtime’s The Affair; otherwise, you’d think he has dropped off the face of the Earth.

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