You have a strong tendency to adore child celebrities, regardless of the TV shows or films. That kind of tendency makes you remember them always as children no matter how long it has been since the last time they appeared on screen.

It could be years or even decades since then, but still in your mind you picture them as the cheerful, funny, cute little children who stole the spotlight from the big stars.

Years have gone past, life-changing experiences have happened along the way, and the young celebrities you saw back then have also grown up and changed quite a bit.

Some decided long ago to stay away from the spotlight to pursue careers elsewhere, while others continue to star many more movies and TV shows.

Unfortunately not every venture came fruition, resulting in huge financial loss. There are also celebrities who must endure moments of near bankruptcy simply because of excessive spending habit and a series of bad decisions.

Chances are the following celebrities and former stars are still richer than any average person, but they could have more.

10 Dylan Sprouse

The former star of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Dylan Sprouse, has not been in the spotlight for a long while.

He still works in movie industry, but his works are pretty much under the radar.

In 2013, some photos were widely circulating online showing what appeared to be the actor working at an eatery in Manhattan.

Rumors soon followed that he was in deep financial hardship, forcing him to try his luck far from the world of acting.

However, he quickly denied the rumor that he was broke, stating that he took the job to try new experience and socialize.

9 Lindsay Lohan

Believe or not, Lindsay Lohan started her acting career when she was still a child during late 1990s.

She then gained worldwide fame from playing in Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Following critical recognition and commercial success, things began to go downhill for the former teen idol.

She has had her fair share of run-ins with the law for drunk driving, possession of illegal substances, and violating terms of probation.

She was more recently rumored to owe large sum of money in the forms of unpaid taxes, unpaid bills, and legal fees.

8 Jodie Sweetin

Earlier this years, Jodie Sweetin, also known as Stephanie Tanner from Full House, visited Penn State to tell a story about her experience as child female actor, as well as her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, which sent her far from the spotlight for years.

Sweetin was born to parents who were also struggling with addiction; she was adopted at the age of 14.

The adoption saved her from further harm, but the genetic disposition to addiction finally caught up with her anyway.

Sweetin’s addition to methamphetamine and crack-cocaine was heavily publicized. She is sober now, but it does not seem she will be in any TV shows or movies anytime soon.

7 Amanda Bynes

The retired child actor Amanda Bynes went from a sensation in the comedy world to a troubled girl.

Bynes actually was quite influential as a child celebrity in late 1990s and early 2000s, appearing in popular shows including All That and The Amanda Show.

In 2010, she announced her decision to retire from acting but then it was followed by an unpleasant news about her being arrested for driving under the influence and other incidents related to illegal substances.

Her stardom status went away with that. Back in 2018, she claimed that she had been sober for four years.

6 Aaron Carter

During the last few years, Aaron Carter has been back in the spotlight but unfortunately the coverage wasn’t always in positive tone.

In one of his latest drama, the former pop-star was seen showcasing a face tattoo of his girlfriend’s name, then soon after the girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence case.

Back in 1997, he performed in an opening act for Backstreet Boys in Berlin. Band member Nick Carter is his brother.

The appearance launched Aaron to stardom, but his music career gradually disappeared in the latter part of 2000s.

He has been trying all sorts of gigs in an attempt to revive his former glory, to no avail.

5 Danny Bonaduce

When Danny Bonaduce was only 11, he landed his first – and only – memorable acting performance in 1970s TV sitcom The Partridge Family.

It was a massive hit for ABC, and helped launch Bonaduce to the height of success. Since he left the show, however, Bonaduce has never been able to get any stable, let alone notable, acting role.

Things got worse in March 1990 when he was arrested for attempting to buy cocaine in Daytona Beach; ironically, he was there actually to host an anti-drug campaign aimed at children.

In 2013, Bonaduce explained that he ended up living in his car as he struggled with addiction.

4 Johnny Depp

Let us be clear here: Depp was not a star as a child or teenager. He made a film debut in 1984 as Glen Lantz in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

He is not broke either, so his name is on this list because he has such lavish spending habit to the point where he lost ridiculous amount of money on just too many things.

Depp took up smoking when he was just 12 years old and began drinking not so long after that.

In 2008, the Jack Sparrow actor actually admitted that he had poisoned himself with alcohol for years.

Depp allegedly has a monthly expenditure of $2 million including $30,000 just for the wine.

3 Dustin Diamond

Following the relative success of Saved by the Bell along with its subsequent sequels, Dustin Diamond made a decision to take a break from acting for a year or two.

Diamond portrayed Samuel “Screech” Powers throughout the Saved by the Bell franchise, but unfortunately the franchise seems to be the only one to give him the now-gone stardom status.

Just last month, Diamond reportedly owes almost a whopping $300,000 to Wells Fargo on home. The bank is asking the court to begin the foreclose process.

2 Leif Garrett

Growing up as a teen pop star, Leif Garret was on top of the world in late 1970s. In his heyday, he lived like a real rebellious addict.

Garrett started smoking hash at the age of 14, and snorted his first line of cocaine at 16.

However his career tumbled to the ground following a bad breakup, addiction to heroin, and a drunk driving incident that left his passenger quadriplegic.

He was just 17 years old. As his career was dwindling away, he was stuck at home selling stuffs to fuel his addiction. In 2001, he filed for bankruptcy in Los Angeles.

1 Willie Aames

After Eight is Enough came to conclusion, Willie Aames – who played Tommy Bradford – stayed relevant by making guest appearances on various TV shows.

In the 1980s, he was back on the screen and this time as Buddy Lembeck in Charles in Charge.

He actually appeared in all 126 episodes over five seasons. But then he seemed to vanish entirely from the spotlight.

Apparently he became a six-star cruise director and a cruise ship that travelled to 127 countries.

As it turned out the main reason he took a break from acting was his struggle with alcohol addiction.

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