There are some names you see in the media so often you assume they’re somebody important.

However, you’d be hard-pressed to say exactly why they are famous.

They must be, or they wouldn’t be in the news all the time.

Well, no, some have precisely zero claims to fame.

They’re nobodies who pretend to be somebody, and the media lets them get away with it because it gives them something to write about.

Here’s a look at the most outrageous cases of ‘celebrities’ who haven’t done anything worthwhile in their lives.

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10 /10 Kim Kardashian

Quick test – name three important things Kim Kardashian did in the past ten years. Don’t beat yourself if you don’t know the answer, for she hasn’t done anything.

She’s just famous for being rich and having a big but. Granted, the whole Kardashian clan are smart and have managed to earn a fortune by having us watch their antics. Nothing else. Maybe there’s a reason she’s famous; we made her so!

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9 /10 Bristol Palin

Sounds vaguely familiar? That’s because she is the daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. And Bristol?

Well, she got some attention for getting pregnant at the age of 17. Plenty of other girls made that mistake and didn’t get any recognition for that.

Young Bristol has managed to turn a bad situation around and now is fighting to prevent teenage pregnancy. In other words, just a pathetic attempt to cash in on her mother’s fame, and Sarah Palin isn’t that big anyway.

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8 /10 Paris Hilton

She’s got nothing to take credit for. Just nothing. Paris Hilton hasn’t done anything to deserve her celebrity status except being an heiress to the Hilton fortune.

However, she spent years building a trashy reputation with hordes of paparazzi always on her heels to document her outrageous lifestyle.

Thank God she’s getting older, and we’ll hopefully see less of her since she no longer qualifies as a party girl.

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7 /10 Honey 'Boo Boo' Thompson

This poor child rose to fame as a pageant queen superstar, and maybe we should have mercy on her.

After all, it’s not her fault, but her mother’s who had no qualms to parade her 6-year old kid in skimpy outfits and outrageously inappropriate sensual poses.

Poor kid, to think she’ll have to go through life with the memory of being the star of those truly disgusting TV shows.

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6 /10 Guy Fieri

In his head, no doubt he thinks he’s some Jamie Oliver, but the truth is Guy Fieri happens to own a bunch of restaurants in California, and he was once hired to host a cooking show.

Over the last few years, he’s done nothing worth mentioning, if you don’t count a reality show based on his family trip. Who’d even want to watch that?

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5 /10 Farrah Abraham

Yeah, the Teen Mom! Blame it on MTV that made Farrah famous with their Teen Mom show. Some of the girls on that show maybe managed to do something with their lives, but Farrah isn’t one of them.

She clung to that brief moment of fame for years, even putting her daughter under the spotlight.

Farrah Abraham resorted to the old sex tape trick when that didn’t work, selling a private video for a ton of money. Let’s see what she comes up with next!

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4 /10 Kate Gosselin

Another celebrity we have reality TV to thank for. Kate was the star of the ‘Jon&Kate Plus 8‘, which portrayed the couple’s struggles to raise their eight children.

Other than putting her kids on display, she didn’t do anything except fighting with her husband, getting a divorce, and engaging in endless custody battles.

Since the show ended, Kate managed to waste all the money she earned and ended up putting her house up for sale.

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3 /10 Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie who? The guy that became somewhat famous when he was in the New Kids on the Block band, if you can stretch your memory that far.

It was back in the 1980s, but Donnie still thinks he’s a celebrity, although all he does these days is hosting a radio show no one’s even heard of.

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2 /10 Teresa Giudice

A truly obnoxious person, on-screen and off-screen. She starred in The Real Housewives of New Jersey back in 2009.

She made quite a show of herself and tried to wow audiences with her extravagant lifestyle.

Not that she’d earned herself that lavish lifestyle, as both she and her husband were later charged with fraud. Yes, copy seems to describe Giudice best!

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1 /10 Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Another TV star of dubious fame. All that Snooki has to her credit is her part in Jersey Shore, the 2009 MTV show.

The whole show was centered around many idiots partying day and day, and Snooki was quite good at that.

Too bad she did not get it. There’s a fine line between television shows and real life. Ten years after the show ended, Snooki still behaves like she some celebrity.

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