Showbiz is tough, and you have to make use of every asset to stay on top.

Or enhance your natural assets if need be.

Some do it to hide their age and the inevitable toll it takes on their bodies, while others are merely unhappy with what Mother Nature gave them.

The funny thing is many stars refuse to admit they weren’t born perfect and needed plastic surgery.

Who, me? Never!

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10 /10 Jennifer Farley

The Jersey Shore star only admitted to having a boob job, which, she said, was badly needed after she became a mother.

That was pretty hard to deny since Jennifer Farley got herself a nice pair of 34F boobs.

However, the actress is adamant she did not have any plastic surgery done on her face.

How can she explain she looks so different today than ten years ago without a facelift and generous Botox injections?

Well, she says she’s just lucky to have a makeup artist who does miracles. Yeah, right…

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9 /10 Kendall Jenner

You practically expect the Kardashians to use plastic surgery to enhance their natural assets, but Kendall Jenner insists that’s not the case for her.

When pictures of the new and improved Kendall surfaced, the internet was ablaze with comments on her lip job, while some suspected she’d had a full facial reconstruction.

However, Kendall Jenner says all credit goes to her sister Kylie and her magical makeup.

Oh, well…

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8 /10 Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashians seems hell-bent on measuring up to big sister Kim with her notorious butt.

Kylie says she is afraid of any surgery and only admits to lip fillers, but one look at her backside and the butt implants are hard to miss.

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7 /10 Janet Jackson

The famous singer also swears by her makeup artist.

Although she’s been known to have had various plastic surgeries over the years, including a nose job, Janet Jackson is adamant she never had a facelift.

That’s quite ridiculous since the only way her brows could have migrated north is through plastic surgery.

But that would mean admitting she’s getting old, and that’s something people in showbiz would have us believe it doesn’t concern them.

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6 /10 Irina Shayk

In an age when displaying a perfect pouty face is a must for any wannabe Instagram star, fashion model Irina Shayk would have us believe she was blessed with those plump lips.

To hear her talking, she wants to promote ‘natural beauty.’

While no one can deny she has a perfect body and all-natural as far as we know, you’d have to be blind not to see her lips were pumped full of filler to give her that pout.

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5 /10 Ariana Grande

One look at her photos of ten years ago, and it’s obvious Ariana Grande has changed quite a lot.

Many magazines have analyzed her miraculous transformation and came to the conclusion she’s had a lot of work done – brow lift, boob job, lips enhanced.

But, no, Ariana insists on denying the obvious, saying puberty hit late in her case, but did an excellent job as far as she’s concerned.

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4 /10 Nicole Kidman

There’s no denying Nicole Kidman has long been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but the truth is she turned 53 last year, and it sort of shows.

It is not as in wrinkles so common at this age, but rather the lack of wrinkles and that taut face which screams Botox and lots of it.

However, Kidman has flatly denied the rumors.

Perhaps someone should tell her that she should change surgeon as the current one has done a terrible job so far.

Whatever happened to aging gracefully?

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3 /10 Katy Perry

The singer is one of those who say there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, except she’s never had any.

Well, apart from those filler injections under her eyes, but those don’t count, she says.

The rest of her assets are all real, she maintains. If you say so…

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2 /10 Nicki Minaj

Her picture could be in the dictionary under the definition of fake, but Nicki Minaj is adamant she’s never had any cosmetic surgery.

Her arguments verge on ridiculous – like saying you can alter the shape of your nose anyway you want with just a bit of makeup.

That would put plastic surgeons out of work pretty fast, wouldn’t it?

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1 /10 Renee Zellweger

When you step on the red carpet with a brand new face, you cannot expect people not to notice or comment on the apparent plastic surgery you’ve just had.

However, Renee Zellweger maintains this is not the case as she would never touch her face.

Why can’t these women admit, nobody would think less of them!

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