Sad and cringe-worthy. Many one-hit-wonders don’t get it into their heads; they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame, and that’s it.

Some former celebrities will go to great lengths to cling to their long-gone fame. It usually doesn’t work, but they keep trying.

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10 /10 Paris Hilton

Her face should be in the dictionary to illustrate the famous for being a renowned concept because that’s what Paris Hilton essentially is. She is part of the Hilton clan and quite rich, but her fame has no real base.

If you remember, she became a celebrity after releasing a pornographic video, which doesn’t even make her a genuine porn star as those people work hard for their money.

The pampered socialite tried promoting herself as a celebrity with a reality show and cameos in a couple of movies.

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9 /10 Rita Ora

Your typical one-hit-wonder. And that hit was I Will Never Let You Down, back in 2014. Although quite popular in Europe for a while, the British singer never really made it in the US. She got herself a part in Fifty Shades, a minor one, totally unmemorable, as no one went to see that movie for the plot.

But she’s still looking for her big breakthrough, guest-starring in several reality shows. Maybe someone should tell her it’s not going to happen.

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8 /10 Tila Tequila

If the name rings a bell, you’re probably confusing it with the liquor of the same name. Tila Tequila rose to fame as a MySpace personality, but that was more than ten years ago.

MySpace isn’t a thing anymore, but Tila still thinks she’s famous. She’s tried everything from modeling to reality shows, anything to make people talk about her.

She’s certainly not the only one to do so, but, come on, pretending to be a Nazi sympathizer or praying for the death of other, actual celebrities, that’s way over the top. To her defense, she is said to have mental issues.

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7 /10 Owen Wilson

Now that’s a sad story because Owen Wilson is not a bad guy. He’s a decent actor; he did a few good movies when he was younger.

His best film, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), earned him an Academy Award nomination. Almost two decades ago.

For some reason, Wilson still thinks he’s an A-lister, although his most recent artistic endeavors are crap. His best-paid gig of the past decade? An advert campaign for a British sofa retailer. At least, it pays the bills.

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6 /10 Snooki

She used to be the star of MTV’s Jersey Shore in 2009 if you’re memory can stretch back so far. That made Snooki quite famous in 2010. What did she do in the last ten years?

Spin-offs and spin-offs of spin-offs that no one watched, but somehow she thinks she’s still someone. The poor thing even tried writing books; well, sort of, as they were accounts of her life in the temporary limelight.

No one bought those either. Last we heard of her; she was married with three children. Maybe she should focus on that rather than pathetic attempts to get invited to lame TV shows.

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5 /10 Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond had the misfortune of being cast in the popular franchise Saved by the Bell when he was barely in his teens. Yes, the show ended more than 25 years ago, but apparently, no one told him.

In a desperate bid to get in the news, Diamond came up with a sex tape, bearing the icky title Saved by the Smell, and, guess what, it wasn’t even his performance in the video. He’d hired a body double. How lame is that?

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4 /10 Aaron Carter

He’s the little boy who wanted candy. All little boys wish to that, but Aaron became famous with the song and opened shows starring his older brother Nick, of Backstreet Boys fame.

That was 20 years ago; no one even remembers the stupid song. Except for Aaron, of course, who, totally incapable of making his songs, came out with a remix of the old tune.

He’s so bitter about his fading into oblivion that he has serious mental issues, he’s an alcoholic, and he’s no longer on speaking terms with his brother. Nick Carter obtained a restraining order against him in 2019.

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3 /10 Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff started her career with Lizzie McGuire, the highly-acclaimed teenage drama show of early 2000. Duff’s career pretty much ended with the same Lizzie McGuire, as that’s her only claim to fame.

She’s tried launching a musical career, and critics put her in the same category as Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. That’s the crap category, wannabe pop star. Get real, lady! It’s over.

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2 /10 Tyga

Don’t you know who Tyga is? To refresh your memory – he was the guy who dated Kylie Jenner when she was still a minor, and that created a bit of scandal at the time.

Well, he is also a rapper of sorts, but not among the successful ones. His most credible claim to fame was, ahem, dating someone famous.

And that’s in the past. Tyga is still trying to milk it, squirming his way in to talk shows and reminiscing about his glory days.

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1 /10 Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt

That’s two of them, but still count as one, for their shot to fame relies on their appearance as a couple on various reality shows, starting with The Hills, which aired between 2006 and 2010.

Maybe back then, they were famous, at least among MTV’s audience. And they made it their full-time job. They’re professional contestants and not fun anymore.

Their story wasn’t much, to begin with, and now they’re just regular folks; they got married, had a kid together. They’re just like your next-door neighbors; only your neighbors are not on TV.

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