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6 Snooki

She used to be the star of MTV’s Jersey Shore in 2009 if you’re memory can stretch back so far. That made Snooki quite famous in 2010. What did she do in the last ten years?

Spin-offs and spin-offs of spin-offs that no one watched, but somehow she thinks she’s still someone. The poor thing even tried writing books; well, sort of, as they were accounts of her life in the temporary limelight.

No one bought those either. Last we heard of her; she was married with three children. Maybe she should focus on that rather than pathetic attempts to get invited to lame TV shows.

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5 Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond had the misfortune of being cast in the popular franchise Saved by the Bell when he was barely in his teens. Yes, the show ended more than 25 years ago, but apparently, no one told him.

In a desperate bid to get in the news, Diamond came up with a sex tape, bearing the icky title Saved by the Smell, and, guess what, it wasn’t even his performance in the video. He’d hired a body double. How lame is that?

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4 Aaron Carter

He’s the little boy who wanted candy. All little boys wish to that, but Aaron became famous with the song and opened shows starring his older brother Nick, of Backstreet Boys fame.

That was 20 years ago; no one even remembers the stupid song. Except for Aaron, of course, who, totally incapable of making his songs, came out with a remix of the old tune.

He’s so bitter about his fading into oblivion that he has serious mental issues, he’s an alcoholic, and he’s no longer on speaking terms with his brother. Nick Carter obtained a restraining order against him in 2019.


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