Few celebrities are good with their money, and most spend shocking amounts on fast cars and luxury mansions.

However, there are quite a few who squandered their fortune in such an outrageous way they ended up broke or even behind bars for their unpaid taxes.

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10 /10 Pamela Anderson

The former Baywatch star has a knack for always being in the news.

What she lacks is a knack for spending her money wisely.

Back in the 1990s, when Pamela Anderson regularly flaunted her Playboy’s unique curves, she had amassed a fortune of more than $35 million.

However, she found herself broke, like really broke, so she moved into a trailer park with her two kids.

Yet, with her considerable physical assets, she managed to get back on track and out of the trailer park.

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9 /10 Mickey Rourke

The star of the sizzling 9½ Weeks and Angel Heart had carved himself a place among the Hollywood elite in the 1980s.

He certainly had the physique for the big screen, many putting him on par with Marlon Brando or James Dean.

He lost the looks following years of boxing and botched plastic surgery, as well as his fortune.

Well, he is famous for once buying six Cadillacs to gift them to his friends.

Things got so bad he disappeared from Hollywood and would have spent the rest of his life in the gutters had it not been for his amazing friends who helped him put his career back on track.

Sort of, at least.

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8 /10 Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise brought Johnny Depp a vast treasure chest each time a new movie came out, over $30 million.

Not to mention the impressive list of other great films he’s made.

However, Depp spent like crazy on villas and cars.

On top of that, he had an expensive drug habit and a passion for fine wines.

Reality came crashing down on him in 2017 when his financial manager told him he had accumulated massive debt.

The actor was adamant; it wasn’t his fault and filed a lawsuit against his economic team.

Following the scandal around the messy divorce from Amber Heard, it is doubtful that Depp will make up enough money to get back in the black anytime soon.

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7 /10 Lisa Marie Presley

Daddy’s little princess had a very pampered childhood.

Elvis could not refuse anything to his beautiful girl.

On his untimely death, the King left Lisa Marie a considerable fortune, upwards of $100 million.

Apparently, not enough.

At one point, Lisa Marie Presley was so bad into debt her mother had to sell her own house to support her.

Fortunately, she still has royalties to collect; otherwise, she’d been in a bad place by now.

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6 /10 Michael Jackson

The King of Pop wasn’t very good with his money either, just like his former wife, Lisa Marie Presley.

True enough, Michael had many legal woes and several out-of-court settlements to pay, but he also spent a fortune on his Neverland ranch.

His 2009 death was a tragedy, but perhaps it was better that way as he was $400 million in debt at the time, and he would have been forced to sell his precious Neverland.

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5 /10 Mike Tyson

The former WBC heavyweight champion made more than $400 million during his career, hard-earned money that should have lasted him a lifetime.

Yeah, but Mike Tyson loved spending money to the point that he bought not only houses and jewelry like any other celebrity but also crazy stuff like Siberian tigers.

You’d have to be blind drunk to buy a bloody tiger, and Tyson probably was as he struggled with alcoholism for many years.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

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4 /10 Jodie Sweetin

If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably remember the highly-popular sitcom Full House.

And Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie.

She made a lot of money but had difficulty coping with the series’ ending when she was only 14.

Suddenly, she was no longer a star and turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

In her 20s, Sweetin had hit rock bottom

She has heavily in debt and struggled to conceal her addiction from her family.

Luckily, Netflix offered her to reprise her role as Stephanie in the Fuller House sequel, which helped put her finances back on track.

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3 /10 Brendan Fraser

George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser is one of the celebrities who overestimated their success.

Following his good luck of landing a role in The Mummy franchise, Fraser thought he’d be making millions every year.

He didn’t, as his luck ran dry after the Mummy.

Most of his income now goes to child support, and he can barely afford to pay even that.

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2 /10 Wesley Snipes

The Demolition Man worked his way through a considerable fortune, which he destroyed with his reckless spending.

That would have been his problem; unpaid taxes, however, were the IRS’s problem.

In 2010, the actor was sentenced to three years in jail.

Now, you rarely see a celebrity going to prison, but Snipes did time – all three years!

He’s been trying to revive his career after that but didn’t quite manage.

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1 /10 Kim Basinger

Once a Hollywood sex symbol, Kim Basinger made millions for every movie at the height of her career.

What she did with her money defies logic and good sense.

She once bought a whole town with the crazy idea of transforming it into a tourist attraction.

Of course, that never happened, and that lousy deal alone ended up costing her millions.

Kim Basinger went bankrupt but managed to turn things around, especially after landing a role in Fifty Shades Darker.

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