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6 Beck

He became famous with his single ‘Loser,’ and Beck had ample experience feeling a loser himself. The music industry is just as harsh as the movie world, and the American singer struggled to get noticed.

Before the song became a worldwide hit in 1994, Beck had nowhere to live and spent many months sleeping on his friends’ sofas or at the homeless centers.

Or he’d go without food when he couldn’t find an odd job to support himself. Easy to see why he felt like such a loser.

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5 Daniel Craig

The future Bond graduated from a prestigious drama school in London in 1991, but only got a part in a movie in 1992, and it was a minor one.

To make ends meet during his professional training, Daniel Craig waited on tables and, when he couldn’t afford to pay rent, he was forced to rough it up on park benches. At least they have some lovely parks in London.

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4 Shania Twain

The Canadian-born singer had a rough start in life. Her parents split when she was two, and her stepfather was prone to violence.

Her mother took her three kids to escape that abusive relationship and moved into a homeless shelter in Toronto.

Even when they returned home, the family had little money to buy, so the young Shania started singing in bars at the age of 8 to bring some extra cash.


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