Just like everyone else in the world, celebrities do not always wear their makeup.

For sure they look gorgeous and glamour in every high-profile occasion and TV shows, but there are times when they choose not to apply any scrap of beauty product to their face and skin.

Makeup-free is the best way to go about the neighborhoods for a refreshing walk or hiking trails for a more adventurous experience.

You can almost say that going makeup-free is one of the biggest makeup trends among celebrities at the moment.

After all, they don’t always want to be recognized in public and attract unnecessary attention from paparazzi or aggressive fans along the sidewalk.

Opting for more natural look is easier on the morning routine and healthier for the skin too because sometimes you just have to let the sunshine beat down upon that face.

It is good to see that some celebrities don’t always boast heavy makeup each time you see them, but the downside is that you might not recognize them even when you walk right by them.

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10 Brendan Fraser

During the late 2017, the George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser was taking a walk somewhere in Soho, London.

If he was going for a low-profile appearance, then he nailed it flawlessly.

There are several reasons for that.

Fraser opted for a casual outfit with nothing extravagant comprised of black sweater, jeans, flat cap, and a pair of glasses, so he could simply blend in without problems.

Another important reason was because Fraser looked remarkably different from the person who played George in the movie.

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9 Chrissy Teigen

Nobody can tell when exactly Chrissy Teigen started to rule the social media, but the she definitely has been doing that lately. He continues to be the bright spot and loud voice on Twitter and Instagram.

As an avid social media user, Teigen revealed that sometimes social media could be stressful as Instagram often made her feel like insanely inadequate.

Despite all that, a recent snapshot shows how pretty she really is, without makeup and filter of any sort. The rosy glow skin and all-natural look would certainly make her feel abundantly plenty.

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8 Jason Momoa

One of the most defining features of Jason Momoa is his long hair. He had that in Game of Thrones as a Dothraki chieftain and in Justice League as Aquaman.

A lot of people would definitely recognize him on the street from the hair and matching beard. But he wasn’t always like that.

With a short hair and trimmed down beard, he looks like just another person you saw the other day in the subway. In fact, he has gone short before although Momoa said it is not likely to happen again.

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7 Uzo Aduba

If you think getting primped to play Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Orange is the New Black is easy, the actor who actually played that character, Uzo Aduba, and her makeup artist have a different opinion.

Parts of the routine were using a black eye shadow and fill the Aduba’s eyebrows to make them look much bigger.

And then her skin would be blotched to make it look bad enough.

The only easy part was no foundation required. Real life Aduba has a very different look than her character in the Netflix show.

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6 Tom Mison

The makeup artist for Tom Mison in Sleepy Hollow, Corey Castellano, said it would take hours of work including makeup and hairdo to recreate the perfect Ichabod Crane, the role Mison played.

It wasn’t just about wearing clothes from the right time period, but Crane’s hair must be historically accurate too.

If you have to sit down and apply makeup for hours, then you would also look very different when you wash the face.

Without all his Sleepy Hollow attributes, Mison doesn’t really stand out from the crowd, which is a good thing if you are a star.

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5 Mila Kunis

Back in 2016, actor Mila Kunis posted makeup-free for Glamour. When asked by the publication if such thing is alright, she said it wasn’t really a big deal because that would be her “default” look.

Kunis explained further if makeup was not something she associated with herself.

But then again it should be no problem for her because she looks just as gorgeous (if not more) with her bare face exposed. She also isn’t fond of her photo getting Photoshopped.

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4 Johnny Depp

In early summer 2018, some photographs of Johnny Depp without makeup and all casual made their way to the Internet. He was posing with some fans in Russia.

Just like many things celebrities posted on their social media, the photos sparked different reactions from people.

Some commenters said the actor looked ill and thin, while others barely recognized him as the same person who played Jack Sparrow.

Makeup artists explain that Depp’s signature look almost always features eyeliner because without it his eyes look dull and his skin look pale.

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3 Lena Headey

Although you know Lena Headey best from her role as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, the actor is not a queen in real life, so you would be wrong to expect her looking glamour all the time with impressive hairdo and majestic dress.

After posing a video in which she encouraged fans to watch Fighting with My Family, one person commented that Headey should never record herself without makeup again.

While she is not Cersei, she replied in more or less the same style as the character with “I shall continue to not wear make up. Go f*** your self.”

Now imagine her saying that in Cersei’s threatening tone.

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2 Jared Leto

About five years ago, actor Jared Leto was spotted eating at an outdoor cafe in Toronto over a weekend. By that time, his new movie Suicide Squad was just in the early process of production.

You might also remember that Warner Bros. was trying to hide form the public how Leto would look like as Joker in the movie.

Someone snapped a photo of Leto in that Toronto cafe, and he didn’t seem to wear any makeup. If you take a closer look at the photo, you should spot green hair, which eventually became a feature of his Joker.

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1 Cara Delevingne

Another actor in Suicide Squad, Cara Delevingne who played the Enchantress is rarely seen without makeup.

However there is always a snapshot of her makeup-free back in 2014 when she enjoyed summer sunshine at the Club Monaco Garden Party in London.

Famous for her party-loving reputation and bold eyebrows, Delevingne was already the face of Mulberry at that time.

Without makeup, it probably takes you about 1 second to know that she is every inch stunning and 30 seconds or so to realize that she is a supermodel.

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