Do beautiful people always have beautiful kids? If you look at the names on this list, you’d say yes. But that’s not necessarily the case!

Some of today’s hottest models and actresses had quite average looking parents. Let’s have a look at the most desirable celebrities’ offspring and their proud parents.

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10 /10 Ireland Baldwin

She does seem to have her father’s striking blue eyes, but let’s not forget who her mother is. The beautiful Ireland Baldwin is Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Kim Basinger, one of the sexiest women in Hollywood history.

And she did inherit some of the mother’s looks, at least enough to play a young Kim Basinger in the 2013 movie Grudge Match.

Surprisingly, she’s not much into acting, though. At least, not yet. But 25-year old Ireland Baldwin made a career in modeling, appearing on the covers of Vanity Fair. For now, she’s trying her hand as a professional DJ but hasn’t ruled out following in her parents’ footsteps.

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9 /10 Georgia May Jagger

Sir Mick is one of the sexiest men in rock and roll and has been quite popular with the ladies. He still is, despite being in his 70s.

Born in 1992, Georgia, May is the hottest of Mick Jagger’s (so far!) eight children. While inheriting her father’s famous moves indeed helped her on the catwalk, she probably got most of her looks from her renowned mother, supermodel Jerry Hall.

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8 /10 Daisy Lowe

English songwriter Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of Bush, is a very talented musician, but he never made it to any hot guys list. However, his daughter Daisy Lowe did.

She started modeling at the age of two, and you’ve probably seen her many times in Louis Vuitton campaigns or on the cover of Vogue magazine.

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7 /10 Riley Keough

Riley Keough was born into royalty. She is the eldest grandchild of the King himself, Elvis Presley.

If you mostly remember Lisa Marie Presley marrying Michael Jackson, you must know that her first husband was musician Danny Keough. Riley was born in 1989, and she did inherit her grandfather’s looks and mesmerizing eyes.

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6 /10 Katherine Schwarzenegger

With his super-ripped body, Arnie was considered quite hot in his youth. Still, when you look at Katherine Schwarzenegger, her looks come mostly from her mother, former journalist Maria Shriver, quite a beauty herself.

She also got her passion for writing from her mother, and instead of a career in acting – she has the looks for it – she chose to become a writer.

She is still tied to Hollywood, though, as she married actor Chris Pratt in 2019, and they welcomed their first child in August 2020.

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5 /10 Dakota Johnson

If you’ve seen Fifty Shades of Grey, you know who we’re talking about. Even if you didn’t, you could assume the female lead had to be super hot.

That’s Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The two had one of the most passionate (and complicated) relationships in Hollywood.

They were married twice and had Dakota in 1989, during their second marriage. Who does she take after? That’s for you to decide, but she sure is way hotter than both her famous parents.

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4 /10 Brooke Hogan

He sure did not become famous for his looks, but his daughter did. Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is the proud father of model, actress, and singer Brooke Hogan.

While she started as a promoter in wrestling, accompanying her father, Brooke later made her fortune and got her reality show Brooke Knows Best.

She also released several albums and seemed determined to become a serious actress. So far, her good looks only landed her role in minor independent movies.

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3 /10 Katie Cassidy

Her father was a superstar of the 1970s, and teenagers adored him. Musician David Cassidy who rose to fame with his part in The Partridge Family show was more than cute in his day, but his daughter Katie is hot.

The sexy actress gained notoriety following her role in the hit series Arrow, which brought her several awards.

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2 /10 Lily Collins

Phil Collins is the father of one of the most talented and sexy actresses of her generation. Lily Collins was born in 1989 and entered showbiz when she was only two, playing the TV series Growing Pains.

Yes, and she’s the girl starring in Netflix’s most recent hit series Emily in Paris. Isn’t she hot?

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1 /10 Zoey Kravitz

You’ve seen her in Mad Max: Fury Road or perhaps in X-men First Class. Yes, we’re talking about Zoey Kravitz, daughter of famous musician Lenny Kravitz.

She did inherit the talent from her father, but the looks? Well, Mr. Kravitz is quite cool, but nowhere near as hot as his offspring.

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