Being the child of a celebrity is not easy.

Most such kids are spoiled rotten; then there’s a lot of media attention and the pressure of rising to your parents’ expectations.

Some celebrity children turn out OK, but others are a total embarrassment to their parents.

Let’s have a look at the celebrity kids who disappointed their famous parents.

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10 /10 Miley Cyrus

If you grew up with Hannah Montana, those were the days when Billie Ray Cyrus had plenty of reasons to be proud of his daughter.

Back then, Miley Cyrus was sweet and talented, not to mention she made a fortune with her hit Disney show. That was years ago, and these days her father probably doesn’t even dare to watch her performances.

Some call them raunchy but let’s be honest; they’re vulgar. They’re gross! Madonna was raunchy, but she had class. Miley doesn’t!

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9 /10 Weston Cage

Young Weston Cage could have had a promising career in Hollywood. Not only is he the son of Nicolas Cage, but he’s also better looking than his father.

At least when he’s sober and drug-free, which he rarely is, sadly. Weston Cage tried a career in music before turning to act, but the only times he makes the headlines are when he’s charged with something, usually domestic violence.


8 /10 Paris Hilton

The Hilton family is famous around the world and in the right way. Unlike many of today’s celebrities, at least the Hiltons have built something, like hotels in every major city.

Granted, maybe not all heirs want to go into the family business, but Paris Hilton has managed to disgrace her parents big time.

Just think how many times you’ve seen pictures of her plastered and how many scandals she’s been involved in.

What can be more embarrassing for any parent than to have your daughter release a pornographic tape? And her sister, Nicky, isn’t much better.

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7 /10 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, a very respected musician. The girl turned out a complete disappointment.

Well, what can you expect when the girl became famous for being Paris Hilton’s lame BFF. Hilton is pretty lame herself. Nicole shared the same appetite for wild parties like Paris and was once arrested for drunk-driving.

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6 /10 Jaden Smith

Will Smith tried very hard to raise his children with Jada Pinkett well. He wanted to have his son Jaden (22) follow in his footsteps.

The kid debuted at the tender age of 8, playing along with his dad in The Pursuit of Happiness, and was considered quite good.

Yet, Jaden is trying to be his own man, in all the wrong ways. His music isn’t much good, and his fashion label is total crap.

The most embarrassing moment was in 2016 when the boy chose to model for Luis Vuitton wearing women’s clothing. Not that he’s gay or anything, it just seemed fun. Dumb!

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5 /10 Indio Downey

Like father, like son, only Robert Downey Jr is a famous actor, at least. His 27-year old son, Indio Falconer Downey, doesn’t have much going in his life.

He didn’t inherit his father’s talent or the looks. What he did get from his dad is the drug habit. Just when Robert Downey Jr. managed to beat his drug addiction, his son was caught with a nice stash of cocaine on him.

He was lucky to be sent to rehab and not to jail, but the whole business was pretty embarrassing for the Avengers’ star.

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4 /10 Montana Fishburne

Everybody loves Lawrence Fishburne, who is such a talented actor and a decent guy. His daughter Montana brought incredible shame to the family by launching into a career as a porn actress.

Her father tried to talk some sense into her, but the girl went ahead and released a porn movie, which didn’t even turn her into a porn star. Pathetic!

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3 /10 Chet Hanks

You cannot help feeling sorry for Tom Hanks when you hear about his son Chet. The Hollywood legend has had nothing but troubles with Chet. The dumb kid has a significant drug problem and is involved in scandal after scandal.

Posing with guns is one thing, but using the N-word is such a big no-no you cannot imagine how embarrassed Tom Hanks must have been.

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2 /10 Tallulah Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore certainly did not deserve such a child-like Tallulah. The girl cannot do anything right.

Seeing their daughter arrested at the age of 17 for underage drunk-driving was a wake-up call for Demi Moore, who promptly had her checked into rehab. Didn’t help much, though.

In recent years, the girl caused her parents many worries by developing mental issues and becoming severely anorexic.

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1 /10 Cameron Douglas

When you’re born into Hollywood royalty like Cameron Douglas, there are certain expectations of you.

Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Michael, and his grandfather Kirk Douglas, Cameron went into drug dealing. Not that he needed the money, the Douglas clan has plenty of money.

The stunt cost him seven years in jail and his dad a lot of anguish. Cameron is now out of jail, and the family is trying hard to keep him away from trouble.

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