Finally, the secret to a quick weight-loss diet we’ve been waiting for.

It’s called the multi-million movie contract diet.

To lose weight for their next part, many celebrities put themselves through hell to shed the extra pounds.

A million dollars paycheck is a perfect motivation, apparently, but, to be fair, we have to admire these people for their determination!

Would you be able to lose 40 lbs in a couple of months?

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10 /10 Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker will be remembered as one of his career’s best movies, and Joaquin Phoenix was indeed brilliant.

However, when he signed the contract, he was told he had to shed some serious pounds as the deranged character he was about to portray rack-thin.

He survived on one apple a day to lose weight fast, and it was an excruciating experience. He was so malnourished, even climbing a flight of stairs left him exhausted. He lost 52 pounds, but it was worth it.

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9 /10 Melissa McCarthy

The Gilmore Girls actress has never been one of the slender Hollywood divas with a perfect body. She was always a bit on the plus side, and she knew that’s a capital sin in Tinseltown.

During her impressive career, she got it into her mind to lose a whopping 75 lbs. She went on a strict Keto diet, which is all about protein, and little to no carbs. It worked, and with a bit of exercise, she managed to stay thin.

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8 /10 Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is a hell of an actor, but there was one major problem if he was going to star in Dallas Buyer’s Club, he was too fit. To be convincing as an AIDS patient, he had to lose weight. And quickly.

He took to fasting, swearing that the key to weight loss is dieting rather than exercise.

He was so hungry he used to dream about cheeseburgers. He fantasized about making himself one, but he didn’t give in until the shooting was over.

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7 /10 Jared Leto

A part in Dallas Buyer’s Club was also what prompted Jared Leto to go on an extreme diet. He was eyeing the role of a transgender woman, and his toned physique was too much.

Leto has a lot of experience with losing or putting on some weight as the part demands. In 2007, when he starred in Chapter 27, he had to gain some weight, so he stuffed himself with melted ice cream.

Yeah, that sounds great, but he topped it with olive oil and soy sauce to add more calories. Yucky!

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6 /10 Christina Aguilera

When you earn your money with your stage appearance, you cannot afford to put on weight. Nobody pays to hear the fat lady sing.

Christina Aguilera decided to lose the extra pounds she put on during pregnancy with the Fresh Diet plan.

Well, you don’t have to have your every meal delivered as she did, you can prepare your healthy meals. Just stick to turkey breast, avocados, and lots of salads.

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5 /10 Jake Gyllenhaal

In 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal had to transform his body to get in character as he had to portray a thin and very disturbed journalist in Nightcrawler.

He dropped 30 pounds in a couple of months and walked every day to the studio. On the other hand, the following year, he had to play a boxing champion in Southpaw, so he took his sweet revenge, eating to his heart’s desire for a few months. Nice!

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4 /10 Michelle Pfeiffer

Playing opposite Al Pacino is a huge career opportunity for any actor. Michelle Pfeiffer was quick to understand it was her chance to get noticed in Hollywood. The movie was Scarface, one of Pacino’s most celebrated films.

Pfeiffer had to be wraith-like for the part, so she survived on nothing but tomato soup for months. Not healthy indeed, but on the other hand, the movie did launch her career.


3 /10 50 Cent

Usually, the rapper tips the scales at around 200 pounds, and he’s quite happy with himself. However, when he was offered the part of cancer-stricken football player Deon Barnes in 2011 All Things Fall Apart, he had to shed a quarter of his impressive weight. The diet that worked for him was based on juices, a diet many celebrities swear by.

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2 /10 Natalie Portman

Black Swan (2010) brought Natalie Portman an Academy Award for Best Actress, but it was one of her most challenging roles ever. While she has a fantastic body, to play a ballerina, she had to be very slim.

At the same time, she needed a toned body, which is why she spent up to 16 hours a day practicing her dance routines.

That’s pretty exhausting, but she couldn’t afford a hearty meal during her lunch break. Just coffee! She lost 20 pounds, and she wasn’t that fat, to begin with.

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1 /10 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway lost 25 lbs in preparation for her role in the 2012 Les Miserables musical, in which she had to portray a prostitute dying of tuberculosis.

Like most celebrities, she’s no stranger to diets, and she had the discipline to keep to a survival diet for the duration of the shooting. She had only oatmeal day in, day out, and never complained about it.

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