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6 Christina Aguilera

When you earn your money with your stage appearance, you cannot afford to put on weight. Nobody pays to hear the fat lady sing.

Christina Aguilera decided to lose the extra pounds she put on during pregnancy with the Fresh Diet plan.

Well, you don’t have to have your every meal delivered as she did, you can prepare your healthy meals. Just stick to turkey breast, avocados, and lots of salads.

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5 Jake Gyllenhaal

In 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal had to transform his body to get in character as he had to portray a thin and very disturbed journalist in Nightcrawler.

He dropped 30 pounds in a couple of months and walked every day to the studio. On the other hand, the following year, he had to play a boxing champion in Southpaw, so he took his sweet revenge, eating to his heart’s desire for a few months. Nice!

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4 Michelle Pfeiffer

Playing opposite Al Pacino is a huge career opportunity for any actor. Michelle Pfeiffer was quick to understand it was her chance to get noticed in Hollywood. The movie was Scarface, one of Pacino’s most celebrated films.

Pfeiffer had to be wraith-like for the part, so she survived on nothing but tomato soup for months. Not healthy indeed, but on the other hand, the movie did launch her career.


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