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6 Jake Lloyd

Anakin Skywalker, need we say more? The boy who played Anakin Skywalker in the 1999 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was Jake Lloyd.

He was 11 at the time. He seemed destined for a movie career, but Lloyd decided Hollywood life was not for him.

Sadly, things did not go well for him. In early 2020, his family announced the former child actor was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Such a pity!

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5 Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter stepped into the limelight when she was 11, playing the part of Alex Dunphy in the long-running hit series Modern Family.

Back then, she was an awkward nerdy little thing. She grew up in front of our eyes, and Ariel is now a 22-year old hottie.

Unfortunately, she does mostly voice acting these days. Such a shame she’s not allowed to flaunt her curves on the big screen. But then, she’s young; there’s plenty of time for that.

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4 Kirsten Dunst

She was 12 when she got a Golden Globe nomination for her fantastic portrayal of Claudia, the child vampire in Interview with a Vampire. She seemed a bit younger in the movie.

It seems like yesterday, and yet, in the meantime, Kirsten Dunst has added plenty of major roles to her resume. Hard to believe it is the same actress who starred in Melancholia or Fargo.


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