When you meet somebody’s child for the first time, you’re inclined to call them beautiful because you know that’s how their parents see them.

Yet, every child is sweet in its own way.

They’re cute, adorable, funny, smart, but not necessarily beautiful, the beautiful that lends them a role in a commercial.

Some kids are just straight. Growing up does miracles for many of these ugly ducklings. 

Let’s have a look at some of the hottest celebrities today who were ugly when they were teenagers.

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10 /10 Katy Perry

The American singer is one of the sexiest women today, yet, as a teenager, Katy Perry was relatively bland. She had yet to develop her style of beauty and learn the art of makeup.

She desperately wanted to look like a model; she just didn’t know-how. Now, more secure in her own body, Perry says it’s not essential to look like someone else but to be the best version of yourself.

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9 /10 George Clooney

Clooney. George Clooney. For millions of women worldwide, the name is a synonym for male perfection. The day George Clooney got married was the end of a dream for many. 

 Those who went to school with him don’t remember him as one of the boys the girls were pining for. The young Clooney was a bit goofy, nerdy, and he sported a dreadful haircut.

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8 /10 Jennifer Garner

Everyone in high school knows about the girl with glasses that played a weird instrument, like the flute. Nobody liked that girl, and, sadly, she knew it. Jennifer Garner is the first one to admit it.

“I was a real nerd. I wasn’t the popular one; I was one of those girls on the edge of the group. I never wore the right clothes, and I had a kind of natural geekiness. I was in the school band, and I think that has a bit of a stigma at the age of 13.”

Many movie stars were determined to become actors since they were very young. Garner was too shy and insecure; her idea of the future was to become a librarian. Who knows, maybe one day she gets to play the part of a librarian!?

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7 /10 Rihanna

Before she became hot as hell, Rihanna was just the nice girl next door; the one nobody turns their head after.

There wasn’t much to see. A diamond in the rough, one might say. And look at her sparkle today.

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6 /10 Demi Moore

Demi Moore was cute and funny when she was a kid, but otherwise, an ugly duckling. Her main problem was with her eyes.

She needed thick glasses. She wore glasses for a long time. When she set her sights on Hollywood, she had two surgeries to get rid of her problems.

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5 /10 January Jones

Most of us remember January Jones for her part in Mad Men, where she played the elegant and very sexy Betty, the one Don Draper falls for.

However, as a kid, she was not considered a beauty. She was sweet, but not what you’d call a beautiful girl. One thing to know about January Jones is that she is al-natural. She hates plastic surgery, not that the 42-year old needs any.

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4 /10 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is among the most beautiful people globally, the picture of feminine beauty with all the right curves, not to mention amazing eyes.

It’s hard to believe that Charlize Theron spent many Friday nights alone in high-school as she didn’t have a date. Really? The guy she was secretly in love with didn’t know she even existed; that’s how plain she looked.

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3 /10 Zac Efron

By his admission, Zac Efron was a’ late bloomer‘. The kid who rose to fame with High School Musical wasn’t much of a heartthrob in his teens.

He was funny and talented, but also skinny and nerdy. He couldn’t compete with his peers, who already had a sculpted body and manly features. Since then, Zac Efron worked out a lot to get a robust set of muscles and has styled himself as one of the sexiest guys.

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2 /10 Justin Timberlake

Goofy! That’s all you can say when you look at pictures of Justice Timberlake as a teenager.

His hairstyle was unflattering, his sense of dress was terrible, and he was wearing some truly hideous earrings. Thank God he grew up and learned how to showcase those eyes and, generally, look like a man.

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1 /10 Taylor Swift

She didn’t win any popularity contests in her early life. As a teenager, nobody thought Taylor Swift was hot. In high school, she was mostly ignored and sometimes even bullied.

This made her shun others’ company and, since she didn’t know what to do with her time, she started writing songs. That was indeed fortunate, for as she matured into a beautiful young woman, she had made up her mind what she wanted to be.

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  1. Hey just thought id point out that on #2 Justin Timberlake’s you put "Justice" Timberlake instead of Justin and it shoulder be "teenager" not "teenage"………"That’s all you can say when you look at pictures of Justice Timberlake as a teenage"