At least when it comes to s*xual desires, celebrities are just like everybody else on the planet.

For sure people’s s*xual identities and orientations are admittedly diverse, and celebrities also are people, not some extraterrestrial beings with different biological needs. On that note, celebs too had to lose their virginity at some point.

The fame talk about their intimate lives every now and then; sometimes they share many details, but more often than not it is only a glimpse into their romantic relationship, as appropriately expected.

S*x life, virginity included, is one of the most private matters for anybody. This is why even a single word about the subject often fuels a lot of controversies and gossips, especially when it concerns celebrity couple.

This is a topic that gains a lot of interest from the audience, and so it will be repeated over and over again until another bombshell comes to surface.

It is difficult to keep the subject a secret, even more so if a celeb is involved in romantic relationship with another popular person.

They are constantly under the spotlight where stories about losing virginity are talked about in the open, a situation that has happened to the following stars.

10 Jack And Meg White

Musical duo The White Stripes had people fooled for a little while for they made people think the pair were brother and sister.

In real life, Jack and Meg White are ex-husband and ex-wife (they had divorced before the band reached its fame, then they began pretending to be brother and sister).

They met in the early 1990s in high school, and married in 1996.

Assuming the relationship has always been going smoothly for both, at least until 2000, one could only assume that they lost virginity to each other.

9 Macaulay Culkin And Rachel Miner

In an appearance on the Anna Faris in Unqualified podcast, Macaulay Culkin openly shared a story about losing his virginity.

No matter what reason Culkin had at that moment, he was pretty upfront in the discussion and gave some fine details.

Culkin did not actually clarify to whom he gave it away, but he married Rachel Miner in 1998; both were 18 years old back then. It makes people wonder if they did it for the first time with each other.

8 Vanessa Hudgens And Zac Efron

The two High School Musical stars were involved in love relationship for quite a while.

Both on and off screen, the pair always looked like they were made for each other indeed.

Before they even met on the set of High School Musical, Hudgens and Efron were reportedly still virgin.

As they worked together filming, it did not take long until the pair dropped their squeaky clean image and hit the beach together displaying all sorts of crazy-in-love romanticism.

7 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

A long time ago when Selena Gomez was still 13 years old, her father gave her a chastity ring.

She took it off around the time she began a relationship with Justin Bieber.

The easiest conclusion anybody could draw from that sequence of event was that Gomez lost her virginity to Bieber.

The relationship started in 2011; she was 19 years old, and he was 17.

Because they were arguably the biggest stars at that time, the media could not help but create some wild rumors that they lost virginity to each other.

And rumors could be true.

6 Kristen Stewart And Michael Angarano

Before her relationship with Robert Pattinson that ended in a rather abrupt manner and coming out as bis*xual later on, Kristen Stewart was involved with one Michael Angarano.

The couple met on the set of Speak in 2004, and were rumored to start their intimate relationship from that point on.

Stewart was 14 and Angarano was 17.

The relationship lasted for about four years, and Stewart never had to wait that long until she gave away her virginity to him.

5 Mandy Moore And Wilmer Valderrama

Starting from the final episode of That 70s Show, Wilmer Valderrama was in a romantic relationship with Mandy Moore.

In an interview with Howard Stern, the Fez actor discussed a lot of thing about his s*x life including taking Moore’s virginity and being a close friend to a list of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jessica Alba, although none have actually been confirmed.

Moore claimed Valderrama was lying about the story. He did not take her virginity, but then again there is no way to confirm that either.

4 Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene

At a glance, you would easily assume that for a man as good-looking as Joe Jonas, losing virginity in a young age is nothing out of the ordinary.

As it turned out, he had to wait until the age of 20 to have his first time with Ashley Greene

Jonas said Greene was his first serious romantic relationship and that losing his virginity to Greene was worth the wait.

The relationship lasted for about a year. Now both are married, but not to each other.

3 Adriana Lima And Marko Jaric

You probably don’t see Marko Jaric as a celebrity in traditional sense, but he is a star in his own right.

Jaric is a former professional basketball player from Serbia.

Adriana Lima is on another line of the spectrum, as she is a Victoria Secret’s Angel.

Lima decided to do thing the old-fashioned way, meaning she would wait until marriage to give away her virginity, which she did.

The lucky man to have the honor was Marko Jaric.

Both tied the knot in 2009, and ended their marriage life in 2016.

2 Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears

Many years ago Britney Spears made a vow to keep her virginity intact until marriage.

She did not keep up to her own words as she admitted in 2003 to giving it away to her boyfriend at that time Justin Timberlake.

Spears said it happened two years into the relationship because she thought Timberlake was the right one.

There were rumors surrounding the whole confession that it was not accurate.

Some people suggested Spears had already lost her virginity to a football player before she even dated Timberlake.

1 Tia Mowry-Hardrict And Cory Hardrict

There are some celebrities who did manage to keep their romantic relationship going in an old-school way.

Cory and Tia Hardrict are among the few, assuming her claim is indeed true.

She said she only has ever had one boyfriend, Cory, who now is her husband.

They waited until a year into the relationship to kiss each other and even longer to get into more physical.

Cory and Tia Mowry-Hardrict married in 2008, and are blessed with two children.

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