Crime can happen anywhere. No matter how secure a city or idyllic a small town is, someone somewhere will get a bad idea and act it out regardless of the safety of other people.

Minor crimes are rampant, usually from the youth trying to test the limits of their freedom and the patience of authority, but these are forgivable. It’s the dire crimes, the murders, and the attacks, which plague every area of the world without stopping.

They can happen to anyone and for any reason. And the worst come and go without even being known, where the cause is never discovered, and the victim never found.

Christina Whittaker was a hot topic name back in November of 2009. The 21-year-old mother went out for a fun night of drinking and never returned home.

Her disappearance had no traces and led to a cold case investigation, with no clues in the subsequent decade.

Whatever happened to her seemingly generated no evidence, no trial, and her disappearance has been a sore in the small town she moved to. No one could have imagined such a little hamlet could produce a national scale of horror like this.


10 /10 The Lacking Lady

Christina was a mother of a six-month-old child who moved to the small town of Hannibal, Missouri, with her boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, and her young daughter Alexandria.

Her mother, Cindy Young, was still very much involved in her daughter’s life. Christina was a bright and passionate woman with some personal issues under her surface.

9 /10 Last Drink

Christina disappeared on Friday, November 13th, 2009. The evening preceding her disappearance was not at all unusual.

It was the first time she’d been out on her own to drink with friends since she had her daughter and wanted to live it up.

She went bar hopping from one venue to another in the small town until she became drunk to act in a disorderly fashion.

She was asked to leave and made a call to her boyfriend. After that, just before midnight, she vanished. She was reported on Sunday, more than 24 hours after she was last seen.


8 /10 On Her Own

Christina’s disappearance was predicated on a row at a bar where she acted out too much and was kicked out of the bar.

However, her friends she went out with stayed inside, unwilling to either give up their seats and drinks or give her an inebriated ride home.

Bree Anna, one of Christina’s friends, said she didn’t want to go to jail for helping her friend when neither of them was in a state to drive.

B Brown /

7 /10 Without A Trace

After being forced out of the bar, Christina wandered around the block to look for someone kind enough to give her a ride. She wound up at Sportsman’s Bar, where she went inside to ask for a favor.

According to eyewitness accounts, she left sobbing out the back and dropped her phone. Since then, no one else saw her, and she was never seen again.

She went from the middle of a commercial district in a small town of just 17,500 people into thin air.


6 /10 Hopeless

Christina wasn’t in her best place in life. She had long had bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, and anxiety attacks. Plus, she had a suspended driver’s license for an incident the prior year.

Her heightened state while out drinking may have clashed with her emotional stability, causing her to lash out in the first place or make another, unseen decision that led to her disappearance.

5 /10 Complications

Christina’s mother confessed that Christina was not regular with her medications.

It’s unknown if she took a dose that night, but doing so could have proven to be a mistake, as the contents of the medicine she took have adverse reactions to alcohol.

It’s possible that her being belligerent during her night out was not just a result of the alcohol but of the rest of the medicine meant to level her moods conflicting with one another.

4 /10 Missing Or Murdered

It is still unknown what happened to her. More than ten years later, with no indication she has ever been found or tried to contact her family, she is presumed dead in all but the police filings.

Her mother still hopes that she is out there and that her altered state may have provoked her to run away from her life and set up somewhere else. Some sightings have since been reported as the case regained a level of interest, but no official action ever resulted.


3 /10 Rural Whodunnit

Hannibal, Missouri, is a relatively small and collected town. A place where rumors spread fast. It’s not a high-tech scene where security cameras are everywhere, especially not as far back as 2009.

The town is most famous for being the birthplace of Mark Twain and the place where he based the settings of his Americana literature.

As a result, most people in town who were interviewed could corroborate eyewitness stories, yet no one could come forward with any account of seeing her later than 11:45 pm that night.


2 /10 Running Theories

A few potential theories are still in the works. The most obvious result is that Christina died after wandering out of town and getting lost in the woods.

It was a cold November, and she was dressed for indoor weather. If she went too far out and got lost, it’s possible she never managed to come back, or she meant to wander out intentionally as suicide.

Other theories state she may have been kidnapped, as her phone was left discarded. Some think she suffered a breakdown and fled her family to start over, but no proof has ever come about that she survived.


1 /10 Relentless

Christina Whittaker’s disappearance has been one of the most famous cold cases of the modern era because so much was left unanswered.

There was no motive or trail of evidence, lead-up, or repetition in local crimes. A one-off event shook the quiet town to its core and left the nation with a mysterious, unanswered disappearance.

Filmmaker Christina Fontana has put together a multi-part series titled Relentless: Missing In Missouri to go over everything that happened and how the town has handled the case since, hoping that the patient might finally find closure. 

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