8 /10 On Her Own

Christina’s disappearance was predicated on a row at a bar where she acted out too much and was kicked out of the bar.

However, her friends she went out with stayed inside, unwilling to either give up their seats and drinks or give her an inebriated ride home.

Bree Anna, one of Christina’s friends, said she didn’t want to go to jail for helping her friend when neither of them was in a state to drive.

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7 /10 Without A Trace

After being forced out of the bar, Christina wandered around the block to look for someone kind enough to give her a ride. She wound up at Sportsman’s Bar, where she went inside to ask for a favor.

According to eyewitness accounts, she left sobbing out the back and dropped her phone. Since then, no one else saw her, and she was never seen again.

She went from the middle of a commercial district in a small town of just 17,500 people into thin air.


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