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6 Beyonce

Talk about lunatics. Beyonce got herself a deranged ‘fan.’ The guy wasn’t technically her fan as he believed she wasn’t the real Beyonce, but an imposter who had killed the famous singer.

Bassey Essien had met her at a public event in 2009, and he was so obsessed he tried to sneak past security at several concerts.

When he was arrested, he had some religious materials, mainly ramblings he wanted to deliver to her. Beyonce got a restraining order against him, but the experience left her pretty shaken.

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5 Gigi Hadid

The young model got a guy crazy about her; he tried to break into her New York apartment at least five times. Marcell Porter plagued Hadid with creepy social media messages detailing his obsession with her.

“I love you. I know everything now. Wait for me soulmate.” Hadid didn’t wait, and the guy was arrested and sentenced to three years in jail for stalking.

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4 Josh Hutcherson

Actor Josh Hutcherson got himself not one, but three stalkers and pretty crazed ones. The Hunger Games star had a surreal experience in 2013 when he went home for Christmas in his native Kentucky.

At a time when you expect carolers to ring your bell, Hutcherson was shocked to find on his doorstep a mother with two daughters. His fans, as they had his face plastered all over their clothes.

Creepy, as hell! Many teenagers got crazy over the handsome Peeta, but what kind of parent drives them from Chicago to meet their idol?


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