Drug Lords think they are kings of the world, and live like nobody could ever get to them.

Powered by their wealth and backed by political connections, many of them have not been shy about showcasing their fortune and extravagant lifestyles to the public at large, either directly and through social media.

Their immediate families, especially sons and daughters, do not seem to mind about (many actually support) dads’ criminal activities, although there are few exceptions.

Social websites are excellent platforms for the sons and daughters of drug lords to post photographs of their lavish trips overseas, parties, fancy cars, gold-plated handguns, yachts, money, and jewelries.

No one really knows why it is common among drug lords’ families; one possibility is that the kids only want to imitate the lifestyles they always see in their fathers.

It is as if they are trying to let the world know who they are, including law enforcement officials, who could use their social updates to track down their locations.

Here are just a few.

10 Ivan Guzman

There is nothing strange that wealthy people use their social media accounts to show-off their enormous fortune, and Ivan Guzman is no exception.

He is the son of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and most dangerous drug trafficker in the world today.

The son’s social media accounts are loaded with photos of a collection of gold-plated weapons, scantily clad women, exotic animals, and of course expensive cars.

More than that, Ivan has often bragged about how his father enjoyed freedom after escaping prison, until dad was recaptured.

9 Alfredo Guzman

As the father is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, Ivan almost certainly will fill the role as leader, but not today. Ivan’s younger brother, Alfredo Guzman, is equally outrageous and arrogant.

He also uses social media to tell the world about his riches, particularly a collection of luxurious rides, and more importantly anger for the father’s arrest.

Just like what the older brother likes to do, social media for him is a platform to send threats to the government.

8 Serafin Zambada

The current leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, or the successor of El Chapo, is Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

The sons of those two drug lords apparently are also close friends; both Ivan and Alfredo bond well with Serafin Zambada, who also is a possible future leader of the cartel.

All three of them do not hold back when it comes to showcasing their wealth. For Serafin it was all about cars, guns, and a lot of his expensive toys.

Serafin was pretty careless about it, leading to his arrest on November 2013. He was released on September 2018, just eight months after sentencing.

7 Vincente Zambada Niebla

Another son of El Mayo, named Vincente Zambada Niebla, was arrested in Mexico City in 2009, and extradited to the United States in 2010.

Now he is serving his 10 years imprisonment.

The initial sentencing would put him away for 15 years, but he made a plea deal that involved cooperating as potential witness against El Chapo, and for that the conviction was reduced.

His lawyers claim that Vincente could not be prosecuted in the United States because of his role as DEA informant.

6 José Gamboa

More famously known by his nickname El Chino Anthrax, this one is not the son of any drug lord, but he himself was suspected as a drug lord.

Gamboa was a high ranking leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and founder of Los Anthrax, which is an armed squadron with a primary duty of protecting El Mayo.

On his social media accounts, he posted pictures of lavish lifestyle including a trip to Europe, Japan, part of Africa and Asia as well as Las Vegas to watch a boxing match.

Photos of his money, jewelry, yachts, and sport cars are all around.

5 Gisselle Guzman

Apparently the daughter of El Chapo, Alejandrina Gissele Guzman also shares quite a lot of the arrogance that seems to run strong in the family.

She has once said that she is beautiful because of her mother and intelligence because of her father.

She often appears glamorous in many of her social media photos and makes claims to support the family’s drug business.

She has not been linked to any kind of major crimes, but no one can really tell the inside story of the family.

4 Melissa Plancarte

She is a Mexican singer who admitted to being the daughter of Enrique Plancarte Solís, the former drug lord and one of the high-ranking leaders of the Knights Templar Cartel.

She made quite a controversial path to her stardom by linking her name to the father’s criminal organization.

Her father was killed in a gunfight with soldiers of Mexican Navy.

Just weeks before the father’s death, she had posted a picture of herself wearing a dress decorated with Knights Templar insignia.

3 Enrique Plancarte Jr.

Melissa has a brother, Enrique Plancarte Jr., who also is an aspiring singer.

In 2012, the siblings sparked a scandal when they performed at a music festival sponsored by the government of Michoacán, the state that was at war with their father’s organization.

While Junior is not going out loud about his connection to his father’s criminal activities, it does not mean he never did anything to reflect the matter.

One of his songs Pa’ Mi Viejo, which translates to For My Old Man, is dedicated to his father.

2 Francine Lucas-Sinclair

During the heyday of Frank Lucas, a Harlem-based drug trafficker, there was no social websites like today.

However, the life of his daughter Francine Lucas-Sinclair back then could not be any more glamorous, even by today’s standards. As a toddler, she grew up in a family house in Teaneck, New Jersey.

She had a Fendi fur coat, a train set worth $10,000, and dozens of teddy bears stuffed with cash.

Even the walls of the house were lined with cash because there was just too much to hide under the mattress.

1 Sebastian Marroquin

There has been quite a lot of drug lords from all over the world, but few (if any) could take the throne of the late Pablo Escobar.

At the height of his power, he controlled about 80% of the world’s cocaine market.

His son, Sebastian Marroquin, was living like any other child could only dream of.

As a child, Marroquin had his own zoo that his father built filled with exotic animals including elephants and hippopotamus.

However, behind the luxurious childhood experience, there was always fears all around that somebody would get killed for making his father angry about something.

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