Celebrities are larger than life, or at least that’s how the media portrays them. Surely they must be larger than death, then. That’s the main reason diehard fans have trouble letting go of their idols.

This article is not about Elvis; we all know he must still be on some island drinking margaritas. Elvis alive; that’s classical by now.

Instead, we’ll have a look at conspiracy theories surrounding other celebrities purported to be still very much alive.

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10 /10 Steve Jobs

Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs was one of the most gifted people of our modern times. A true genius, and we have a lot to thank him for.

His battle with cancer was well documented, and his 2011 passing saddened the world. However, some believe Jobs is very much alive and hiding in Egypt.

That’s because, in 2019, a photo showing a man eerily similar to Jobs emerged. There’s no denying, the man does look identical, but then why Jobs would give up his tremendous life?

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9 /10 Princess Diana

With the recent scandals surrounding the British Royal family, Princess Diana has been frequently mentioned in the press lately.

Back in 1997, there were some saying Lady Di was, in fact, pregnant and was killed by order of the queen herself.

Surprisingly, some believe she survived the car crash, quoting as proof a picture showing her in a wheelchair.

They insist she even attended the wedding of her son, William. How on earth would Queen Elizabeth allow such a thing nobody knows.

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8 /10 Michael Jackson

It is probably the biggest star of his generation, so it should come as no surprise that Michael is still very much alive to some of his fans.

The theory is that the King of Pop faked his death as this was the only way to deal with the huge debts he had, not to mention that scandal about all those little boys he liked to surround himself with at his ranch.

There is no hard proof to support this theory, except a minor spelling mistake on his death certificate, which doesn’t prove anything.

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7 /10 James Dean

His sudden death did indeed shock the whole world. The rebel generation suddenly lost its idol in a tragic car crash in 1955.

The loss was so great he was the first actor ever to receive an Oscar after his death. Only, did he die?

Some maintain he wanted out, and the studios granted him his wish, allowing him to die in an accident. Legend has it that Dean later moved to Canada to live a normal life.

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6 /10 Jimi Hendrix

One of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix, died far too young at 28, following a suspected overdose. Not quite surprising given his known drug habit.

One theory says that although he only enjoyed a very brief career, barely four years in the limelight, he understood he didn’t want that kind of life and faked his death.

He went on to live an anonymous life, but he still loves music. Proof? Videos are purporting to show Hendrix playing the guitar just as well as he used to.

5 /10 Amelia Earhart

The most celebrated women pilots of all times, Amelia’s ultimate fate has remained a mystery many decades after her death.

Her body was never found, which means there’s always the possibility she survived the supposed plane crash. Why would she fake her death when she had such a brilliant career?

Allegedly, to escape the pressure of being a celebrity. According to this theory, she lived the rest of her life somewhere in the Marshall Islands.


4 /10 Tupac Shakur

The famous rapper was murdered 25 years ago, but some are convinced it was just a hoax and Tupac Shakur wanted to vanish from the public eye.

One argument is that his murder was never solved, and no one was arrested. Why? Because obviously, there was no murder.

Another reason behind this theory is that there were eight albums released after his death.

To some, this means he’s alive and still writing music, although it could very well be someone is trying to cash in on his tragic death. Ironically, he is said to have died in 2019 in… a car crash.

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3 /10 Osama Bin Laden

The terrorist mastermind did not die at all, or at least not in the highly-publicized 2011 operation in Pakistan. The theory is his death was staged to boost President Obama’s popularity.

The reason many think the Al-Qaeda leader did not die in 2011 is pretty convincing. The US administration never provided proof of his death, and many of those involved in the operation died in mysterious circumstances.

Others say he was killed in his mountain stronghold in Afghanistan in 2001, but his death was kept a secret because the world needs a good terrorist to hate.

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2 /10 Adolf Hitler

What? Hitler? Well, yeah, he too had his diehard fans, and to them, the Fuhrer could not die, much less take his own life.

According to their theory, another dead man was passed off as Hitler, while the Nazi dictator boarded a submarine that took him to Argentina. In this country, many Nazis did find refuge after WWII.

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1 /10 Jim Morrison

Young people still wear Morrison T-shirts 50 years after his death. The Doors’ frontman died in 1971 following a drug overdose while in Paris.

The world was not ready to accept such a talented musician could die so young. He was only 21 at the time of his death.

That couldn’t be true. You can probably guess the reasoning by now – he, too, decided he couldn’t cope with fame.

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