Atypical physical features like scars or deformed body parts whether caused by genetic conditions or life experiences are parts of someone’s identity.

Such distinguishable features make the bearers special and perhaps gave them certain characteristics too

This article talks about physical deformities observed in public figures, but guaranteed you will not find body shaming of any sort here. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of celebration for things that make people stand out from the crowd.

A lot of people tend to see celebrities as the perfect idealized specimens in the entire population. Celebrities are ordinary humans with their own talents and strong points as well as flaws.

There are quite a lot of popular figures in the entertainment industry with unusual physical traits yet the peculiarities never stopped them from pursuing successful careers as actors, singers, TV host, etc. Many of them have spoken openly about their unique features as follows.

10 Seal

The permanent scarring on the face of Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, known professionally as Seal, is the result of a condition called discoid lupus erythematosus.

Seal himself admitted to battling depression in the past, but then he realized that embracing the unique features would do much better for his own well-being.

There is no way to reverse the condition after all, except perhaps with plastic surgery. But then again, the scars never stopped Seal from winning multiple awards including four Grammy throughout his career as a musician.

9 Gaten Matarazzo

Born with cleidocranial dysostosis (CCD) makes Gaten Matarazzo an easy target for bullies. He admitted to having difficulties landing roles on films due to the condition.

Great opportunity finally landed on his hands when he was cast in Stranger Things as Dustin Henderson.

CCD is a rare condition that mostly affects bones and teeth. He has been more open about it in recent years; in fact, he documented one of his surgeries during which 14 supernumerary teeth were removed.

Some people with CCD are only mildly affected to the point where the condition goes unnoticed at all.

8 Elizabeth Taylor

In addition to her impeccable beauty, legendary actor Elizabeth Taylor was also known for one physical peculiarity: she had an extra pair of lashes caused by lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome.

After just a few hours of being born, her mother received the news of the abnormality.

You probably think it wouldn’t be the most dangerous condition, but in reality lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome comes with serious risk of cornea damage and that the extra lashes may grow inward. Mutation in one of the actor’s genes triggered the condition.

7 Forest Whitaker

For his role in 2006 film The Last King of Scotland as Idi Amin, actor Forest Whitaker won the Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, National Board of Review Award, and more than twenty other awards for lead acting performance in just a single film.

That is more than you can say to any other actor. Of course you are aware of the drooping upper eyelid on his left eye.

The hereditary condition is known as Ptosis in which muscles in the eyelids are weaker than normal.

6 Denzel Washington

Most people know Denzel Washington for his unmistakable performances in just about every single one of his movies and partaking in reconfiguring the concept of classic movie stardom.

Even if you are a big fan, you probably isn’t aware of his crooked pinky on the right hand.

When he was just a little kid, he broke the pinky during a basketball game.

The finger never again set back properly in place; it is still there, but in a rather amusing position.

He can now put it out of position and set it back again over and over without pain.

5 Tina Fey

From the January 2008 issue of Vanity Fair, everybody realized Tina Fey actually has a pretty big scar on the left side of her face.

She admitted to avoid talking about the scar because then some people would somehow find something to glorify it.

When Fey was only 5 years old girl, a stranger came up into her front yard out of nowhere and marked her face with a pen.

She dealt with the trauma pretty well during the following years and only thought about the scar again in her adult life.

4 Harry Styles

There were rumors circulating online about Harry Styles, a member of One Direction, having four nipples.

Styles himself rose up and put the rumors to rest; the four nipples are no longer a rumor because they are actually there.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler in 2017, he confirmed the presence of an extra pair of nipples.

The condition is known as polythelia and it is not that uncommon.

Other celebrities like Tilda Swinton and Mark Wahlberg also have more than a couple of nipples.

3 Sylvester Stallone

Back in his much younger days, Sylvester Stallone had to deal with the unfair treatment from some people including authority figures because he was thought to have a “dormant” brain mainly due to his signature slurred speech and snarling look.

What those people didn’t know was that her mother suffered complication during labor, which forced obstetricians to use two pairs of forceps.

Unfortunately the forceps damaged a nerve and caused partial paralysis in Stallone’s face.

The deformities remain, but now everybody knows the whole story.

2 Daryl Hannah

The character Elle Driver in Kill Bill film series, portrayed by Daryl Hannah, wears an eye patch. In reality, Hannah has no problem with her eyes.

If there is something that is a little bit unusual about her is the left index finger. As a kid, Hannah somehow got the finger stuck in a pulley.

In order to release the finger, part of it (the finger, not the pulley) had to be removed. She talked openly about the story in an interview with South Africa’s Sunday Times.

1 Michael Berryman

American actor Michael Berryman has been a staple in horror and alien movies.

He was born with a condition known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, characterized by the absence of hair, fingernails, and sweat glands.

His unique physical traits has so far allowed him to have a long career in the entertainment industry, more specifically the horror genre.

He played as Ellis in 1975 film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and as Pluto in 1977 The Hills Have Eyes.

Berryman also appeared in some episodes of The X-Files and two Star Trek films.

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