8 /10 Victim And Victimizer

It was around these times when he also began a behavior that would continue for the rest of his life: taking pictures of himself dressed as a woman and tied in various bondage positions.

This gave him the experience of being at the same time dominated and in control, his victim, and victimizer.

An active Boy Scout leader, he would tell interviewers after his capture of how he once nearly got caught after being unable to quickly untie himself inside his tent in one of the Boy Scout outings.

7 /10 First Murders: The Otero Family

Enacting his fantasies on himself and keeping them to his private life wasn’t, however, enough for a psychopath like him.

So he attacked: on January 15, 1974, he broke into the Otero family’s house under the pretense of being a robber.

After tying almost the whole family (the two younger children and the parents; only the eldest child was in school and returned to find his parents and siblings dead), he killed the father and the son by suffocating them and took the mother and daughter to the bedroom, where he killed them with particular cruelty.


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