8 /10 Tusker’s Revenge

What started as a terrible day, a death-by-elephant event in a family’s life, continued that evening.

While Maya Murmu’s family was commencing her body to a funerary pyre performing her last rites according to their customs, the same elephant returned, picked up her body, tossed it around, trumpeted, and then ran off again.

The family recovered Murmu’s body and continued the rites after the elephant was gone and were utterly stumped to do so.

Wikimedia Commons

7 /10 Wild Country

This is not an entirely uncommon occurrence in rural India.

The last part, an elephant, intruding on its own victim’s funeral, is a stand-out incident, but between 100 and 300 people are killed by elephants in India every year.

This elephant seemed to wander off the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in a neighboring state, meant to protect and shelter the endangered species from harm.


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