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8 /10 The Unraveling Begins

The year was 1955. The world was about to discover a fabulous voice, but for Vivian Liberto, that year marked the beginning of a long and painful breakdown of her dream marriage.

Legend has it that his brother Ray introduced Johnny to guitarist Luther Perkins and bassist Marshall Grant, also known as the Tennessee Two.

They started singing together, and in 1955, Cash summoned his courage to visit Sun Records studio. In June 1955, Johnny Cash released his first single, and it was an instant hit. A legend was born.

7 /10 The First Hits

You may be forgiven for equating Johnny Cash’s success with his partnership with June Carter. It was Vivian who was by his side when he wrote his first hits.

If he had an idea, he came to her, or he’d ask her to write down the lines while they were driving in the car. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do much to stop him from drinking.


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