Parents in Western cultures tend to respect their children’s individuality. Children are allowed to discover and pursue their true passions and encouraged to do so with the best intention.

In this context, the roles of parents from the very beginning are to provide support and a nurturing environment to facilitate positive reinforcement.

In contrast, parents of Eastern cultures, especially in Asia, believe that the best way to raise children is by a method of tough love.

Father and mother act as strict managers who expect nothing but excellence. When children misbehave, tiger parents express intense disappointments; praise is most likely muted when children achieve.

When the tiger parenting method is employed to an extreme level, it is not uncommon for a child to feel depressed and under-appreciated most of the time.

Without intervention, the child may develop bitter anger and ill-will towards the parents.

In a peculiar case of tiger parenting in Canada, a young woman named Jennifer Pan couldn’t handle the constant burden of unusually high expectations from her parents and resorted to murders to escape the pressure.

10 /10 Intruders

On November 8, 2010, three intruders broke into the Pan home. They held everyone inside hostage, including Jennifer, Hann (her father), and Bich (Hann’s wife and Jennifer’s mother), demanding money.

Hann and Bich were taken into the basement; their heads were covered with blankets. The intruders fired-off five bullets into the couple.

Hann was shot twice, once in the shoulder and another in the face. Bich was shot three times in the head. Made killing, the intruders fled through the front door. Jennifer was left alive, but the story unraveled most shockingly.

York Regional Police

9 /10 Immigrant Success Story

Bich Ha and Huei Hann Pan moved from Vietnam to Canada in 1979 as refugees. They married in the new country and built a well-to-do household in a foreign land they now call home.

Both found jobs at an auto parts manufacturing company Magna International; Bich in the car parts division; and Hann in the tool and die department.

Bich gave birth to two children from the marriage. Jennifer came first in 1986, then Felix in 1989. By 2004, they saved enough money to purchase a good home in Markham, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Lexus ES.


8 /10 Golden Child

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Jennifer was the “golden child” in the family. She was an accomplished student who met all her parents’ expectations in terms of academic achievements.

Jennifer won scholarships and secured an early acceptance to college as well.

Jennifer’s obedience and study-hard attitude could only brim her parents with pride.

Just as Hann hoped, she graduated from the pharmacology program at the University of Toronto and went on to work at SickKids hospital in the blood-testing lab.

Jennifer became the embodiment of a perfect life that her parents could only dream of in their youth.

Court Exhibit

7 /10 Honest Reality Vs. Fake Dream

What Hann and Bich didn’t know was that their perfect daughter had created an elaborate lie to embellish her grades and academic abilities.

Jennifer never was admitted to the University of Toronto; she failed to graduate from high school and did not enroll in any university afterward.

In reality, she was a “predominantly” B-student. It was the best she could do, a perfectly respectable achievement for most kids, but not to her tiger parents.

Jennifer did receive an early acceptance to Ryerson University in Toronto, but the offer was withdrawn because she failed calculus in her final year.

6 /10 Used Textbook And New School Supplies

Jennifer was reaching the point of desperation, trying to keep her parents from digging into her official high school records.

At one point, she claimed to have made a plan that involved taking two years of science at Ryerson before transferring to the University of Toronto’s pharmacology program.

Jennifer went to great lengths to build the perfect lie by collecting physics and biology textbooks.

When asked about the tuition, she told her father that she had won a scholarship and received a student loan. She continued to buy school supplies.

5 /10 To The Libraries

In the morning, Jennifer packed up her books and took the public transit to fool her parents into thinking that she was going to class. In truth, she often found herself in public libraries.

Approaching the graduation ceremony, she told her parents there weren’t enough tickets so that they couldn’t attend.

With all the excuses, her parents began to grow suspicious of her activities and decided to follow Jennifer around one day. They finally learned the truth, and Jennifer admitted lying all along.

4 /10 House Arrest

Now that the lies unraveled, Jennifer’s parents enforced further restrictions on her activities inside and outside the house. They denied her access to cellphones, laptops, and dates with Daniel Wong’s boyfriend.

Over time, her parents started to ease the restrictions and gave her more freedom.

Despite the lenience, Jennifer was still bitterly angry and expressed her frustration about the situation to her boyfriend, saying her life had been like a house arrest.

With the help of Daniel, she crafted a plan to get rid of her parents for good.

3 /10 Sinister Plan

In July 2010, Jennifer and Daniel seemed to be getting more serious about their sinister plan to kill her parents.

They talked about the possibility of hiring a hit-man and collecting her parents’ money once the job was done. Jennifer figured she would collect around $500,000 and use the money to live with Daniel.

As the talk got more intense, Daniel proposed hiring Lenford Crawford, who asked for $20,000 for a kill. It was a lengthy discussion, but Homeboy agreed and went to scout the house on Halloween night.

York Regional Police

2 /10 Killing Night

The killing job was eventually done on the night of November 8. Crawford didn’t have to break in that night because Jennifer unlocked the door for him, unbeknownst to her parents.

Crawford brought along two accomplices named David Mylvaganam and Eric Carty.

Under the disguise of robbery, the three intruders entered the Pan home and shot Jennifer’s parents.

Bich Ha Pan died from headshot wounds, but her husband survived and woke up on November 12 after a three-day induced coma.


1 /10 Another Lie Unraveled

Based on information obtained from text messages on Jennifer’s cellphones, the police arrested all three intruders and Daniel Wong. Jennifer finally confessed under pressure from the authorities.

Jennifer Pan received a life sentence for the first-degree murder of her mother and another life sentence for the attempted murder of her father, to be served concurrently.

Mylvaganam, Crawford, and Daniel also received the same punishment each.

Carty, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder charge, received an 18-year sentence with a possibility of parole after serving half of it. 

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