Sometimes a story lines up perfectly to give a sense of discovery when learning about it. Part of the thrill and intrigue with true crime documentaries is presented with a solved, or unsolved, series of puzzles.

Then, experiencing the path investigators went down as the case unfolded from their perspective. That puts you in their seat; it makes you the detective wondering just how things went from point A to point M for Murder.

And in some cases, however short there are, all the answers we get to raise more questions. Enter Kolby Parker, a man who beat his grandfather to death and cut off the man’s ears.

A very recent tragedy, there isn’t much to know or say. The entire story is included with a headline: Man Kills Grandfather, Cuts Off Ears, Attacks Police.

It’s a simple story where everything that happens makes sense, and yet the reasoning behind it leaves us with an unanswerable question. That’s also the appeal of the true crime story genre, filling in the holes ourselves.

10 /10 It Happened In Florida

Florida is notorious for its proximity to strange crimes that extraordinary men commit.

These “Florida Men” give the state its infamous nature, often by a series of bizarre and inhumane acts under the influence of drugs or under motivations that deluded conditions may inform of mental illness.

Kolby Parker has become one of those Florida Men with the bizarre account of how the murder he committed (allegedly) went down.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office

9 /10 The Call Was Made

The DeLand country police department got a call on March 13, 2021, about a self-defense killing by a man who claimed to be “Junior.”

The suspect admitted that he was attacked by a Vietnam veteran and killed the older man in the course of self-defense.

Ronal Wells Sr was the victim and was declared dead at the scene. However, the only other person was Ronal’s grandson, Kolby Parker, who didn’t go by a junior.

8 /10 One Dank Evening

According to Kolby, he and his grandfather were smoking marijuana on the porch when his grandpa became violent and attacked, so he acted in self-defense to drive the crazed man off.

He suspected their joints might have been laced with something that kicked off a post-traumatic psychotic fit in the war veteran.

Kolby sustained no injuries when the police arrived instead of his grandfather, who was beaten, stabbed, and missing his ears.

7 /10 Search And Suspect

Kolby was evasive about who made the call. He told the deputies on the scene that he did have a weapon, and they engaged a pat-down but found none.

In search of the perimeter and the house, they found a bloody baseball bat used to bludgeon Ronal to death and a bloody butcher knife that was used to stab and remove the victim’s ears.

During the search, Kolby remained mostly placated under the watch of two deputies on the back of his truck. Authorities also found an apron in his room of the house labeled “The Family Butcher,” which was almost ironic at that point.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office

6 /10 It Got Bad

The deputies did not cuff Kolby before their questioning, which was generally against the procedure. However, they were responding in the vein of it being an actual self-defense call.

When they continued their line of questioning to Kolby, that excuse started to wear down. Specific details were missing or omitted, and Kolby’s train of thought began to drift.

He was told to stay sitting or things would get worse. Then he asked if he could see the deputy’s gun.

5 /10 That's Not Where Those Go

While in the house, the inspectors found a strange scene. There was real human blood on the knife used to sever the ears, but fake plastic knives with fake blood hanging with the disturbingly on-point apron.

They asked him where Junior, his uncle, was. Parker said yes, “This is where he is,” and pulled natural human ears out of his pockets.

After confirming that they were real, the police went to collect them as evidence carefully. No self-defense killing would end with that kind of injury.

4 /10 Takedown

Kolby went from calm and kind of zoned-out one second to full attack mode the next. He sprang on one of the officers and attempted to wrestle the gun from its holster.

This officer wore a body camera which picked up the whole event, down to the mad look on Parker’s face as he wrestled the officer to the ground.

After being issued a warning, Kolby was tasered from behind and removed from the officer, then transported to a hospital under police custody.

3 /10 Your Mind On Drugs

Kolby was detained in the county jail while investigators found the strange set-up that countered his early self-defense claims.

If anything, Ronal Sr was the one acting in defense, so they had to know why. It was a regular afternoon, and they were smoking together.

That itself wasn’t enough to inspire violence. When questioned, Kolby said he killed his grandfather, contradicting his initial testimony, to be reunited with his grandmother. He noted that it was his time to go.

2 /10 Awaiting Trial

Kolby Parker is being held without bond in the county jail, awaiting a trial.

While his confession was sound enough, he did admit to killing his grandfather though his reasoning was bizarre; he is being charged with second-degree murder, domestic violence, and the assault on the police officer, which was all captured in the body camera footage.

No lawyer has been listed, and no date has been set for his initial hearing. It’s one of the first real strange, but oddly simple, murders of the year.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office

1 /10 The Mysterious Florida Man

Like with many Florida Man crime cases, it started with drugs. Most of the medicines that inspire these strange, brutal actions are much harder, like meth or bath salts that destroy the reasoning and perception in the brain.

Marijuana, while far tamer, can enhance the present psychosis of the consumer. Kolby’s mental state has not been professionally assessed at this time. All we know is he’s another Florida Man murderer.

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