8 The Scarborough Rapist

The same year they met, a series of rapes occurred in Scarborough, Ontario. All the victims were between 15 and 21, and they were subjected to beating and verbal abuse during the attacks. 

Over five years, 19 women were raped or at least attempted. Though the police investigated, Bernardo was never named as an official suspect. 

It’s unclear whether Homolka knew she was engaged and later married to the Scarborough Rapist, as the police dubbed him, but it is widely believed she did and approved of his crimes.


7 A Terrifying Engagement Gift, Followed By A Nightmarish Wedding Present

It started after they were engaged in 1990. Within just months, Bernardo had grown bored sexually with his bride to be.

She shared his sick fantasies and seemed willing to do anything to please him, but he had become much more interested in her 15-year-old sister Tammy. 

That summer, Homolka decided to offer her sister to him. She crushed some valium she got from her work at the Martindale Animal Clinic and fed it to Tammy, who quickly passed out. Homolka watched as Paul raped her unconscious sister. 

On December 23, 1990, Karla wanted to “give Tammy’s virginity to Bernardo for Christmas.” This is the first of many confusing statements from Homolka on the stand, as her sister had already been raped. Still, Bernado was disappointed he wasn’t Karla’s first. 

Karla used a rag soaked in halothane taken from her clinic to knock Tammy out while Bernardo raped her, the two of them videotaping their crime. But soon, Tammy began to vomit. The two frantically tried to cover up their crime while calling for help. 

The coroner pronounced Tammy dead at the hospital. The coroner noted a strange chemical burn in the autopsy but ruled it an accidental death caused by alcohol poisoning.


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