Gareeca Gordon and Phoenix Netts were roommates and friends in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Gareeca is described as a wicked and callous young woman.

Phoenix was a woman with a bright and shining future, with great promise. However, she would not live to see this future


Unreciprocated love was the foundation of this relationship between Gareeca and Phoenix.

It would eventually lead to Phoenix dying at the hands of Gareeca as she did not return her feelings.

Gareeca would go on to kill Phoenix on April 16, 2020, and take her away from her loving family forever after knowing her for only six months.

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10 /10 Rebuff Of Gareeca's Advancements

Phoenix rebuffed Gordon’s sexual advancements and even had made plans to move back to London.

Phoenix texted friends about Gareeca asking her to do sexual things and thinking of leaving Birmingham as this scared her.

Additionally, Gareeca called the Samaritans on April 11th and discussed liking another woman and having sex with her.

Friends of Phoenix also knew that Gareeca wanted an unhealthy relationship between them, but she wanted no part of it.

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9 /10 Phoenix's Death

Phoenix’s murder took place at their shared Birmingham property.

Gareeca stabbed her four times in the chest and torso, and these wounds would have been survivable if she had called emergency services right away and instead left her to die for up to 12 hours.

However, while waiting, she searched several terms related to the murder, confirming she had no intentions to get help for Phoenix.

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8 /10 Gareeca's Internet Searches

Gareeca went to great lengths to cover up her crime, hoping it would go unnoticed.

It was found that she searched the internet using searches like, “How do killers get caught?” “Can someone recover from getting stabbed?” and “Can a body burn using petrol?”

7 /10 Plans For Disposing Of Phoenix's Body

The plan to get rid of Phoenix’s body was to use a circular saw she bought on Gumtree. It was delivered to her home on April 17th to dismember her body, which she would then place in two suitcases.

While she carried on with this plan, she also kept Phoenix’s family and friends from becoming concerned by remaining in contact with them, even though Phoenix was dead.

6 /10 Pretending To Be Phoenix

Gareeca pretended to be Phoenix after killing her. She sent texts, emails, and voice notes to Phoenix’s friends, family, and parents pretending to be her to cover up her death.

Gareeca even downloaded an app that allowed her to alter her voice to leave voice messages that sounded more like Phoenix.

Going to such extreme lengths, Gareeca was able to pretend Phoenix was still alive and had moved out of the area.

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5 /10 Discovery Of Phoenix's Body

Phoenix’s body was later found near a quarry in two suitcases and contained her remains.

On May 12th, 2020, a public member also reported a vehicle driving in the Coleford area of the Forest of Dean during the coronavirus lockdown. During this time, only necessary travel was permitted, so this was also suspicious.

4 /10 Further Forensic Examination

After finding Phoenix’s remains, police conducted a forensic examination of her room. Bloodstains were found in the living room, kitchen, and shower after the bed, mattress, carpet, and underlay were removed from their locations.

They also found handwritten plans and notes for how her body would be removed from Coleford and moved to Wales, where it would be later burned.

3 /10 Thoughts From Gareeca's Mother

According to Gareeca’s mother, who did not want to be identified, her daughter was a ticking time bomb but was not a wrong person at heart.

This was true during the trial when she expressed regret over what her daughter had done and that at the time, other than her murder, her daughter’s mental state came from a lack of support.

West Midlands Police

2 /10 Stemming From Undiagnosed Mental Illness?

Gareeca was also thought to have an undiagnosed personality disorder that may have led to her mental state.

She was also known to have a low tolerance for frustration and struggled with perceived rejection from Phoenix rejecting her advances.

She also worked with a lack of support in her environment, which may have further contributed to her killing Phoenix.

1 /10 Justice For Phoenix

Gareeca was convicted for her roommate’s 2020 murder and dismemberment and sentenced to 23 years in prison. Phoenix’s family felt that she received justice and the answers they needed.

While it was a violent act that took her at a young age, luckily, her killer was brought to justice. Gareeca was tagged as callous and calculating due to her plan to conceal Phoenix’s death.

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