8 The Dark Web Appears

A twisted idea then came to the mind of Christian. He could get in touch with some of his past online accomplices in the Dark Web pedophile sites that he used to frequent (as he had been convicted in 2005 for possession of child pornography, and then again in 2010 for the abuse of a thirteen-year-old girl), and ask them to participate in the abuse of the boy, for a fee.

Berrin, already implicated in the abuse herself, allowed it, and soon a whole pedophile ring was being run from their house. The Dark (or Deep) Web, away from public or government oversight, was the ideal marketplace.

7 Sixty

It was then that the real hell started for the boy, who would be abused over sixty times in the course of the following two years by the pedophiles that his mother and her partner brought home for that exact purpose.

In situations too sickening to describe, the hundred-page indictment read in court (and whose reading took more than three hours) described his abuse by both national and international pedophiles, with some of those also being condemned alongside his parents, including a Swiss and a Spaniard who traveled to Germany expressly to rape him.


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