8 He Changed His Name

Once Manson Jr. reached adulthood, he realized that he no longer wished to carry around his father’s legacy with him.

In hopes of making a better life for himself by moving beyond his father’s tragic, violent history, Manson Jr. changed his name to that of his stepfather: Jay White.

Unfortunately for Manson Jr., he could not wholly escape his father’s legacy because he did not legally change his name.

This meant that any official documents still needed to be completed with his original name, and he was even bullied at work for having changed his name.

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7 His Father's Legacy Haunted Him

The string of violence carried out by Manson Sr. and his cult in the late 1960s follows the Manson family name to this day.

From the very beginning of his life, Manson Jr. had been trying to escape this legacy. Beginning with his parent’s divorce and up to changing his name, he had done everything he could to try to escape from Manson Sr.

Many believe that his final attempt to distance himself from this legacy was his suicide in June 1993.


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