8 Huckle Wrote A Guide

One of the most depraved acts he did was writing and publishing in the dark web a guide on pedophilia, called Pedophiles And Poverty: Child Lover Guide.

The British pedophile described how he managed to commit his crimes around South Asia and retold some of his most depraved stories.

7 Most Of His Crimes Aren't Known Still

When he was at last caught in 2014, he was tried for seventy-one charges for acts he performed on 29 children.

However, his writings and online commentaries speak of more than 200 children abused by him, which he ranked individually according to the degree of abuse that they had suffered, so he could award himself ‘pedo-points’ according to a system that he had made up.

Most of his victims aren’t known still since he kept records on them on his computer, and only a tiny fraction of those were recovered before his death. He repeatedly denied any help to the investigators in decrypting his files.


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