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8 The Possibility Of Heat Stroke

One plausible theory about Bruce Lee’s death is that he died from heatstroke. On the day he died, he had been filming action scenes in sweltering, tropical weather.

Lee had also had the sweat glands in his armpits surgically removed, so his body was less effective at dealing with heat.

With these factors combined, Lee likely suffered a heat stroke without anyone, even knowing what was happening to him.

7 His Death Sparked Outrage

After Bruce Lee died and news emerged that Raymond Chow lied about where he had died, fans in Hong Kong took to the streets and rioted to force the government to get to the bottom of what happened. 

These riots involved several fake bomb threats — the first took place in a public square where police discover a mysterious brown paper package with the writing “Betty Ting knows the cause of Bruce Lee’s death.”

The box was filled with garbage, but this inspired several similar fake bomb threats across Hong Kong.


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