8 Fully Loaded

Sarah inherited the current day equivalent of $543 million and continuously earned shares from her fifty percent ownership of the Winchester Rifle company of roughly $26,000 per day.

She was one of the richest women to ever live in modern times. All earned on the backs of sales of guns, which took the lives of people every day.

Sarah Winchester became highly superstitious in her later years. She wanted to correct her inherited name’s errors before she fell victim to the same fate as her late husband and daughter.

7 Summoning Of Misfortune

Sarah reportedly visited a medium in Boston to channel the spirit of her dead husband. After all, she had been through, she fully believed in higher powers and cursed lineages.

The medium told her to leave New Haven and move out west to the same lands where the rifles were used to clear the land of opposition. There she was told to build a home to house the spirits of victims of the Winchester Rifles.

Perhaps the medium was one such victim, who lost a loved one to the recognized brand name, and wanted to do away with the last surviving Winchester out of vengeance.


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