For a celebrity, having someone to watch their back is a necessity.

t’s not just about the paparazzi or the adoring fans pestering them for autographs.

That’s just a mere annoyance, but famous people can also attract all sorts of crazies.

There’s a thin line between adoration and obsession. 

Let’s have a look at the most fierce looking bodyguards ever to be seen around famous people.

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10 /10 Kylie Jenner

When you’re worth a fortune, you cannot afford to go out alone, especially if you’re one of the Kardashians and your face is all over the internet.

However, Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard caused quite a stir on social media when it was discovered he was so damn hot. Some even questioned why Kylie needs another man in her life since she has quite a hunk on call. Good question!

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9 /10 Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star always makes sure to have someone watching over her when she’s outside. And not just one.

Aniston has been seen on several occasions flanked by two beefy bodyguards. Sometimes you cannot even see her as her security detail completely hides her.

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8 /10 Madonna

You often hear about Madonna’s latest boy toy, but those are just for fun. When it gets down to business, the pop star prefers to surround herself with some muscles she can rely on.

Only one look at her bodyguards and you quickly drop the idea of asking the Material Girl for an autograph.

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7 /10 Tom Cruise

While he is known mainly for his action movies, Tom Cruise prefers to have some trained professionals watching his back and protecting his family.

One of his guardian angels is Mark “Billy” Billingham; a former SWAT officer turned bodyguard to the stars. He’s also a great sniper, and you can bet he’s carrying while on the job. Better keep your distance!

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6 /10 Angelina Jolie

More than herself, Angelina Jolie is worried about the safety of her six kids. She has a team of three bodyguards present at all times, a privilege that doesn’t come cheap.

She forks over $2 million per year for her security detail alone. Before joining Tom Cruise’s entourage, Billy Billingham used to work for Angelina and became her confidant during her messy divorce from Brad Pitt.

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5 /10 Rihanna

The famous singer doesn’t step out of the house without two of her bodyguards, and that’s on regular days, like when she goes out shopping.

At a public event, Rihanna has a team of at least five strong men keeping the fans away. And making sure she gets home safe, even if that means giving her a piggyback.

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4 /10 Lady Gaga

A clueless fan seeing Lady Gaga might be tempted to rush up to her and ask for an autograph or a selfie. But that would be a fatal mistake.

Many don’t realize that the suited guys always surrounding the music icon at any public event are highly-trained professional bodyguards who wouldn’t hesitate to break some bones to protect their charge.

One of her most famous minders was Pete van der Veen, a bodybuilder who was so hot he even won a beauty contest!

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3 /10 Britney Spears

Although she’s disappeared from showbiz, Britney Spears is worth a fortune, and her face is instantly recognizable. She never goes out without two bodyguards, and there are a few more watching the property when she’s at home.

On the other hand, given the mental problems plaguing her in recent years, it’s safe to say the guys are there to keep an eye on her and make sure she stays out of trouble.

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2 /10 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Now that the most powerful couple in showbiz has split, their bodyguards must divide their time between them.

When they were still together, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West always traveled in an armored car and had three bodyguards.

Not to mention the guys watching over the children. As far as he’s concerned, Kanye West used to go out alone sometimes, but nowadays, he always has a big guy.

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1 /10 Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue seems too delicate to swat off a fly with her diminutive frame, let alone some crazed fan. This is the reason the singer always has a fierce bodyguard at her side.

Why not several? Well, if you look at the pictures and see the guy walking beside her, it’s someone you don’t want to mess with unless you want to spend the next three months on a hospital bed.

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